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Athletics for the Mind: Why Chess Is Kind of a Big Deal Around Here

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on Apr 10, 2019 10:45:11 AM

At Veritas, we like to study things that are time-tested, significant, impactful, thoughtful, and engaging. We play chess for the same reasons. We also ... Read More

Billy Graham: A Legacy & Example For This Generation of Students

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on Feb 28, 2018 1:44:44 PM

This past week America said goodbye to an era, lost a legend, and gave up a saint.

Billy Graham. The name is filled with meaning for many Americans born ... Read More

What Chess Can Do For Your Family

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on Nov 8, 2017 7:30:00 PM

When we think of volleyball, football, polo, basketball, cricket, or baseball…oftentimes a certain season of the year comes to mind as well as a particular region ... Read More

Squelching Summer Boredom With Summer Camps!

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on May 7, 2017 3:50:00 PM

Growing up, my wonderfully organized mom transitioned directly from our school year into a ... Read More

Take a Tour of the New Veritas Website!

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on Mar 19, 2017 8:28:05 PM

Welcome to the New Veritas Academy Website!

Read More

Preserving the Woodwork

Posted by Jonathan Daughtrey on Jan 8, 2017 8:43:20 PM

The last few years have brought with them an outpouring of Americans openly confessing their secret HGTV. ... Read More