Watch Now: Learning Support Program Webinar

Helping Your Children Reach Their Full Potential

A Live Webinar with the Headmaster, Ty Fischer


Students vary enormously in their need for support in learning. There are many characteristics that affect how well your child learns in a school environment. What your child learns, and how your child learns are two of the many factors to consider if your child's and your family's needs fit well with the school you aim your child to thrive at. 

Veritas Academy’s mission is to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students. We believe that our students, families, and community are best served when Veritas is helping all sorts of students flourish.

We are taking a big step forward by adding a Learning Support Program at Veritas Academy. In line with our mission, we want to serve more students more effectively.

Our webinar will answer questions like: 

  • Does my child(ren) need Learning Support?
  • What approach does Veritas Academy take to make this program efficient?
  • What facilities are available to support my child's learning?


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