How can parents encourage spiritual development in their children?

Iron Sharpens Iron-1.jpgIt is such a blessing to have the opportunity to raise children. 

Wise parents know that it's crucial to intentionally give their child opportunities to grow their understanding and faith in God as they interact in their family, school, church and community at large. 

If you are looking for practical suggestions on how you can cultivate Godly influences in your child's life, we invite you to watch our on-demand webcast. During the live webinar, our Executive Director of Administration, Jonathan Daughtrey, along with other adults from the Veritas community had a discussion about:

  • Biblical principles on loving, teaching, disciplining, and developing children of spiritual and moral character
  • The impact of peers and adults in children's lives
  • Activities that stretch our children to trust in God alone
  • Challenges and obstacles children face and how to address them

If you know a family or friend who might be interested in our topic, please let them know that this resource is available.

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