Meet the Veritas Class of 2020!


Hunter Bair

Millersville University

I’d like to thank my family, friends, coaches and teachers for their support through the years.  Everyone in my life has in some way helped me to become a better person or to keep my grades up and I can’t thank them enough for that help. 

My time at Veritas definitely had its highs and lows but I will miss it.  I’m really going to miss hanging out with my classmates every day.  My favorite memory from my time at Veritas is hard to pick.  I’ve gone to Veritas since kindergarten, so I’ve had time to make a lot of memories.  I’d say my favorite memory is probably the trips to Gracie’s or the coffee shop during Mr. Dawson’s electives.  Another one of my favorite memories are the times I’ve spent with the boys going to movies or playing basketball in the gym. 

I have a lot I want to say here, but I really don’t want to write a paper longer then my senior thesis that’s just filled with memories of things I’ve done with all my friends.  So, in short, I have the best friends anyone could ever ask for and I will miss them all greatly after senior year is over.

After Veritas I plan to attend Millersville University to get a teaching degree. 


Layne Fischer

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Some of my favorite memories have to be Madrigals! Theatre! Madrigals! The happiest moments of my life are when I can make people laugh, and the place where I feel I do that the most is on the stage. I will never forget playing Bunny (from A Murder is Announced), the Not-So-Fair-Mother of the Fair Maiden (Madrigals 2016), and Dogberry (Much Ado About Nothing).
I most appreciate the constant understanding I received from other students and staff about my health. Mr. Kaus and Mrs. Bustard, particularly, always had a sense of how bad I was and how they could help me. Their guidance has gotten me through the worst times of my life.
Thank you, Mr. Siegenthaler and Mr. Lauris for inspiring me and encouraging me to pursue my major. Also, thank you, Mr. Urban for teaching me your cleaning techniques, always greeting me in the hall, and lending me cleaning supplies.
I will be majoring in Chemical Engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology.


Sophia Knepley

Alvernia University

I started going to Veritas in first grade, and, may I just say, Veritas and my classmates have turned me into the weirdest but happiest person I could have been. Despite the ongoing “girls versus boys” battle that really won't ever end, my classmates have truly become like my family and I couldn’t have asked for a more bizarre and wonderful group of friends.

I’d like to thank Mrs. Crooks, Mrs. Strawbridge, Mrs. Hudson, and of course Mr. Dawson for being true inspirations to me throughout my time at Veritas. My favorite memories are definitely all the time spent at Gracie’s and the coffee shop discussing Russian poetry, space, and just talking about life. I’m going to miss all the teachers, my classmates, and especially all the weird traditions that made Veritas "Veritas." I’m planning to attend Alvernia University, though still not officially decided, and I’m hoping to get a degree in nursing and then specialize in psychiatric nursing. Thanks for everything, Veritas.

Aaron L

Aaron Lielbriedis 

Geneva College

A big thanks to my parents, teachers, and friends for helping me along the way at Veritas. I have really appreciated all the time that has been sacrificed to help me along the ride. My favorite memories from my time at Veritas are playing basketball in the gym with the boys every day, the field trips to DC and NYC, and all of the field days.

Next year, I plan to attend Geneva College and pursue a degree in electrical engineering.


Andrea Mealy 

Grove City College

Having spent the last four years at Veritas, I have grown to love learning. I appreciate all of the teachers who can love the subject they are teaching, because it really makes a huge difference.

I’m thankful that I have been able to get to know each person in this graduating class over the past few years. Both my teachers and peers have been such a blessing to me.

In the fall, I plan to attend Grove City College to major in Business Statistics.

Ryan Mellinger

Ryan Mellinger

Grove City College

My 12 years at Veritas have flown by way too fast, but I am still thankful for all the memories I made along the way. Some of my favorite memories have come from last year’s trip to France, chemistry class with Mr. Lauris, and Physics with Mr. Mwanukuzi.

I would like to thank all my teachers for providing me with the knowledge I will need in the future, and I especially want to thank my parents for supporting me through me entire education. Next year, I plan to attend Grove City College for mechanical engineering.


Hao Qin

Gettysburg College

Compared to my other classmates, the time I spent at Veritas certainly wasn't very long. As an international student, I am grateful that I had the opportunity to attend Veritas and spend four years at this high school.

Four years sounds like a very long time at first, but it wasn't until today, when I finished my Senior Thesis Speech, that I realized it was over. Very abruptly, and very quickly, before I even had time to think about it.

I really appreciate all the assistance and encouragement I have received from all my teachers over the past four years. Without the help and understanding of these teachers, I certainly could not have completed these years so smoothly. In retrospect, the scene four years ago when I first entered Veritas seems like it just happened only yesterday.

My classmates were a bunch of wonderful people, and I think I will also miss the fun classes I went through with them, the funny essays, and the time I spent in the gym with my friends. Thank you to all who have brought back memories.

This fall, I will be attending Gettysburg College, and as the new school will be a new challenge for me, I'm a little nervous and a little excited.


Maureen Shwe

Millersville University



Micah Cochran


I have so many great memories over my past four years at Veritas, but some of my favorites include: Playing Varsity basketball with Aaron, Hunter and Andrei, for 4 years;Senior Night; and all five theater productions of which I have been a part; all the field trips, especially the bus rides. I've also enjoyed being able to take a Mr. Mwanakuzi class through Zoom, whatever happens in Dawson's class, and the Sheetz runs every 7th period with Hunter.

I'd like to thank my basketball coaches Chris, Shaq, Dave and Bruce for pushing me athletically for 4 years, and my Theater Director Miss Horton for giving me a love for theater I didn't have before coming to this school. Finally, thank you to my parents for putting up with me.

I plan to attend either Regent, Grove City, or Covenant College in the Fall, and am undecided on my career presently.


Jonathan Forbes

Villanova University

It has been a long thirteen-year ride at Veritas Academy that ended in quite an unexpected way. Although the ending has been abrupt, I look back so fondly at the years I have spent at Veritas.

I may leave with a case of mild brain damage from our wrestling matches and sled wars in second grade, but I would say it was well worth it. From a classwide collection of baby bell cheese wax to forgetting taco meat at a taco party, I don't think we could have had a more odd conglomeration of personalities. That being said, I am truly thankful for all of my classmates and all the abilities they bring to the table. I will truly miss all of you. Not many can argue for sport, day in and day out, and manage to stay friends, yet somehow the bazinga crew has managed to come out as a family.

I am so thankful for the people and opportunities that Veritas has brought to my life. Thank you to the teachers who molded and mentored me. Thank you to my amazing family who has been there every step of the way. I will miss the big square dearly. Thank you for all the memories you have given me.

I will be attending Villanova University this fall and major in Chemical Engineering as I train to be an officer in the Navy through the Naval ROTC program.



Sarah Lang

Juniata College

"I have attended Veritas basically my entire life. Yes, I’m one of the special breeds who have been here since Kindergarten, and it’s hard to believe that I am moving on from all that I’ve ever known.

I have more memories from my time here than I can even remember, and yet I’ll never forget anything about Veritas Academy. Most of all, I will never forget my classmates. We went from playing kickball and making “houses” out of freshly cut grass during recess to spending too much money at Joe’s and writing Senior Thesis in the courtyard. I wish them all the best as we go our separate ways in the coming months.

None of my personal growth during these last 13 years could have been possible without the unwavering support and love of my teachers. Firstly, I would like to thank Mrs. Bustard for helping me see the beauty in life and poetry and writing, and who continued to inspire me and support me through my senior year. Also, thank you to Mr. Dawson for just being Mr. Dawson and giving us life advice and making us laugh every day. And last but not least, thank you Mrs. Hudson for not only being a wonderful teacher, but also a wonderful friend. You have sparked a deep love for France and French culture within me and I am so excited to continue that interest into my college career.

It’s crazy how fast time goes by, and I hope I can experience as many wonderful things in these final four years of school as I have for the past 13. In the fall, I am planning to attend Juniata College with a Program of Emphasis in Environmental Science, Ecology, and Wildlife Management. I will also minor in French and study abroad in Lille, France."


Andrei Petry


I am grateful for the Christian education I have received at Veritas. Teachers point the way to Christ in all of our subjects, and tie it into our own lives. I look back fondly on cross country and basketball, and House games in particular. I discovered my love for math here, and appreciated the freedom to discuss how science and math connect to God. My fascination with folding geometrical shapes started with Mr. Siegenthaler.

I would like to thank my family, friends, and teachers for their support. Although certain teachers really connected with me and helped me along my educational journey, I would like to recognize all of the faculty and staff at Veritas for each of the parts they played in guiding me through my education. Next year I plan to attend a four year college for engineering.

Ashley Shepherd-2

Ashley Shepherd

Liberty University

I attended Veritas in kindergarten and first grade, left for a few years, and then came back in fifth grade and have been here ever since. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to attend a school where I can learn through a Christian worldview and have amazing classes like Omnibus where we can read so many interesting books and have entertaining discussions.

I love all of the unique events we have, like Pokenberry Falls, Shrove Tuesday, and the Colonial Ball. But the thing I love most about Veritas is the people. I love early morning talks in the courtyard and our lunch discussions. I love all of our class parties and fieldtrips to NYC and D. C. From playing tag in the rain in Central Park to having a shaving cream battle with Mr. Dawson on field day, the memories that our class has made together make me laugh and I will miss you all.

There are many people who have supported me over the years, and without them, I would never have made it to this point. Thank you to my family for always supporting me and not caring about what my grades were as long as I did my best. Thank you to all my teachers who have prayed for me and supported me all these years, given me a wonderful education, and pushed me to work hard and become the person I am today. And thank you most importantly to my amazing, smart, funny class who always makes me laugh. I was so fortunate to be placed with this group of people, and I would never want to be a part of any other class at Veritas. I will always cherish every memory I have with all of you and never forget our time together. 

In the fall, I am attending Liberty University and majoring in English Secondary Education with the hope of one day teaching literature at a Christian school. I also plan to pursue my dream of becoming an author. Though I am sad to leave Veritas and will miss it very much, I am very excited to see what my next few years at Liberty will hold!


Lina Westlund

Edinboro University

I've been at Veritas since kindergarten. Its been a long 13 years, but I've absolutely loved it. There is so much I wish I could say, but I don't have enough words to say it all. I am extremely grateful to every person who has taught me and contributed in my life over the years.

Standing out among my memories at Veritas was theater. Tech week has always been my favorite part of the school year, and I am sad to leave it behind. Thank you all for all the great memories, the tears, the laughter, the smiles, everything. Thank you Sra. Martin for making it possible for me to come to Guatemala with Veritas. It was truly an incredible experience. Thank you Mrs. Crooks for all you have done to help me personally, and artistically. I wish I could thank all my teachers, but unfortunately, I don't have enough space to do it. Just know I am eternally grateful for all of you and the work you have done.

To my friends, I love you all endlessly and will miss you greatly next year. You, more than anything, were the best part of my high school years. Next year, I will be attending Edinboro University of Pennsylvania with a major in animation. My hope is to continue to create beauty through my artwork, and through animation. I want to help people with my stories and my artwork. I have already had so many amazing opportunities presented to me. Although I am sad to leave you all behind, I am very excited. And I'll come back to visit. You can't get rid of me that easily.

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