Meet the Veritas Class of 2021!

Erin Casey

Erin Casey

Boyce College

I have been attending Veritas Academy since the 8th grade. This was the fourth school I've attended, as my family has moved around a few times throughout my life. One of the scariest and saddest experiences in my life was leaving my family behind when we moved from Virginia to Pennsylvania, but looking back now I believe that it was worth it to have ended up at Veritas. 

I have made many special and important friends here. I felt welcome when I first came, and the friends I've made at Veritas have been such a blessing to me. My favorite experience at Veritas Academy has been Mr. Etter’s classes, but I also enjoyed all the class field trips and fun extracurricular events.

I am extremely thankful for my parents’ commitment to my education, as we moved frequently and they ensured I would be classically educated each time we relocated. Their sacrifice and commitment to my education and religious training has been highly impactful in my life. Seeing and experiencing how seriously they take Christian education has inspired me to be passionate about my own faith and education. 

My mom has been a great source of encouragement for me, specifically throughout my teenage years. As I have grown and gone through the various phases of my life so far, my mom has been very loving, supportive, and joyful. I am so thankful for the blessing she is to me and the good relationship that we have. 

I am also so thankful for how my dad specifically impacted the way that I think. He has always been willing to talk to me about theology and politics whenever I have “urgent” questions or comments. I would like to apologize to him for all the times I have impulsively called him while he was at work to ask him a question or tell him a story about an interaction I had with someone who was wrong. I have learned from some unfortunate scenarios where I “interrupted” him at work, to text first and ask if he is busy before calling to discuss ideas. I am thankful for his willingness to teach me about theology all the way from childhood until now and for his (maybe pretend) interest in my stories (monologues) about my political and philosophical ideas and interactions with others.

My father has had a profound impact on my thinking. He gained his philosophical education at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the extensive and thorough conversations I have had with my father have inspired me to value being educated as well as he was. Because of how important theology has become to me through his influence, I decided to attend Boyce, the college at Southern Seminary, studying Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. I am excited to begin this new journey of education at a school that I am confident will provide excellent theological training. 

I would like to thank my parents for inspiring, encouraging, and supporting me in this decision; my close friends for providing joy, love, entertainment, and laughter to me at all times; and Veritas for providing a great base of knowledge and exposure to ideas that will be a great resource for me as I go into college.

Laura Cochran-1

Laura Cochran

Grove City College

When I transferred to Veritas in 8th grade, the school shocked me. My previous school had been very strict with rules and the teacher-student difference had been emphasized more. The drastic contrast in schools and classmates made me grow bitter towards Veritas and become self-righteous. My friends and I laugh about it now, but when I was in eighth grade I was a completely different person. Over the years Veritas has shaped me to be a more God-honoring Christian, friend, daughter, and woman. I was blessed to attend this school and will always remember Veritas as the place where the Lord worked most in my life.

Thank you to my parents for enrolling me at Veritas and sacrificing so much to constantly give me a classical, Christ-preeminent education. Thank you Mr. Etter, Mr. Stamper, and Mrs. Crooks for your selflessness, devotion, and grace in your calling to educate the next generation of Christian minds. Thank you to my friends for putting up with my antics and tendencies over the years and staying by my side. And most importantly, I thank God for creating a school such as Veritas and ordaining that it would be where I would receive the most vital education that I will ever receive. 

In the fall I will be attending Grove City College where I will be studying theology, english, entrepreneurship, and theater.

Ian Dennis

Ian Dennis

Geneva College

Veritas has been a long and fun ride for me. I have been at Veritas for 13 years. It has helped me grow as a young Christian man and has taught me to lead and to be a positive influence to the people around me.

First I want to thank the teachers for all that they have done for me. They have helped me learn and grow in my understanding. I have learned that Christ needs to be first and foremost in my life. They have made learning an enjoyable experience for me and I could never ask for better teachers.

Veritas is one of the most unique schools. We have so many traditions that keep the school year fun. From dressing up like weirdos for Shrove Tuesday, to racing up the hill for Pokenberry Falls, these traditions have always kept things interesting and have given me something to look forward to. I will never forget how Mrs. Forbes always comes in with the best costume like a shrubbery from Monty Python, to the house from Alice and Wonderland.

Sports have also been a big part of my time at Veritas. I have played basketball since 5th grade and loved every minute of it. Even when the guys' team struggled to actually win games, our coaches taught us to persevere and play our hearts out. It's always a wonderful time hanging out with the guys and being able to play a sport that I enjoy.

Finally I want to thank my parents. My parents have always been there for me and supported me throughout my journey at Veritas. Without them, I would not be the young man I am today.

I will be attending Geneva College in the fall, majoring in Civil Engineering. Once again I want to thank the teachers for all that they have done for me, and my parents who have always been there for me.


Karis Fischer

Grove City College

I am so thankful to have gone to Veritas for a full 13 years. Veritas has been all I’ve ever known and I am so blessed to have grown up with and around everyone here. 

I will miss the teachers, the breakfasts, the Madrigals, and all of the unique and distinctive traditions that I’ve enjoyed at Veritas over the past decade or so. Growing up in a small school has given me the opportunity to be involved in sports, music, theater, student government, and so much more. From the AP science and math classes that everyone knew I shouldn’t be in, to blindfolded pancake races, I can really say I’ve ‘seen’ it all. 

I’d like to thank my family who has invested so much time and effort, not only into this school but also into my education and growth. I’m lucky to have a father, mother, and sisters that I can call family and friends. 

Being a part of the 2021 graduating class, I’ve learned a lot about finding your role and filling it well. I’m proud to be a part of a CCAC championship team, as well as medalling in the district championship. Sports have been a huge part of my life from a very young age, and I’m sad to know my time as a Monarch has come to an end. 

Next year I will attend Grove City College, majoring in Communications.

Serena Hartzler

Serena Hartzler

Pam Beach Atlantic University

Veritas has been more than school for me. I have been given the best friendships, experiences, and education I could possibly ask for. First, I want to thank every single teacher that has dedicated their time to giving us the best education possible. You have all impacted and shaped me into the person I am today. I will miss constantly trying (and occasionally succeeding) to convince our teachers to go to the bakery and the gym. I will also miss our wonderful building - from the leaking ceiling to the mismatched tiles.  

Some of my favorite moments have been Shrove Tuesday and just being with my class. I  have loved being president of the best homeroom and of student government, and I am confident  that Clairvaux will continue to win Shrove Tuesday every year. I also have loved playing  basketball and volleyball with my friends and amazing coaches.  

Thank you to my class for being absolutely amazing! I could not ask for a better group of  people to graduate with. I will miss being able to give all the food I don’t want to Kyle and I will  miss our heated debates over the smallest issues. You all mean so much to me! 

Next year I will be attending Palm Beach Atlantic University in Florida, studying international business with a double minor in Spanish and graphic design.

Veritas has impacted me in so many ways for which I am so thankful. I will miss the confused looks I get when I tell someone I take a class called Omnibus, or when I tell them I’m dressed up as Spongebob for something called Shrove Tuesday. Thank you Veritas for teaching  me about leadership and humility and shaping a strong foundation for the rest of my life.

Caleb Kreuger

Caleb Kreuger 

Union University

It’s such a strange thing to say I have been at Veritas for 13 years of my life. First, I would like to thank all of my teachers. Over my long time at Veritas they have all helped me to grow both academically and spiritually. It was such a blessing to have such Christ-centered teachers that really cared about me as a person.

My favorite thing about Veritas is all the unique events and activities that we do. Some of my favorite memories are from the Washington D.C and New York City field trips. On top of all the great places we would visit, the bus rides to and from school were always super fun. I also love all of the somewhat strange traditions this school has, such as Pokenberry Falls, the Great Pumpkin Chase, and Shrove Tuesday to name a few.

And, of course, I would like to thank my parents for their mentorship in my life and for helping me along my high school journey. I would not be who I am today without all of the wisdom and advice I have received from them.

Next year I plan to attend Union University, in Jackson, TN, majoring in mechanical engineering and participating in their honors college. I will miss Veritas a lot, and will cherish the great memories I experienced within its four singular hallways.

Caitlin L



Messiah University

Veritas is unlike any other school. We are a group of proud nerds with crazy traditions, and I am so thankful to be one of these nerds. I am grateful for all the opportunities that Veritas has provided through the 12 years that I have attended here. I will miss Shrove Tuesday, Madrigals, gym time, kickball games, four-square, and so many other wonderful things. I am thankful for my teachers, coaches, and classmates I have had over the years.

Sports are an important area of my life. I played basketball and volleyball all four years of high school, and I loved all of it. Some highlights of my athletic career are winning a CCAC league basketball title, making it to the district basketball championship game, qualifying for States in basketball, and making it to districts and league playoffs in volleyball. 

I am excited to announce that I will be attending Messiah University this fall studying nursing and playing collegiate volleyball. Thank you to my parents who have gifted me with the privilege of attending Veritas for the past 12 years.

Grace McCollom

Grace McCollom

Lipscomb University

When my parents decided to enroll me for kindergarten at Veritas, they had no idea the impact it would have on me. My time at Veritas has taught me how to love, serve, and think, and over  these past thirteen years this community of peers, teachers, and faculty has truly become like a family to me. 

I have experienced an overwhelming love and commitment shown to me by my wonderful teachers. All of them have had a significant impact on my life and relationship with Christ. They’ve each shown and taught me so much. From Mr. Lauris teaching me to love science, to Mrs. Martin guiding me on my first missions trip to Guatemala, to Mr. Dennis’ Omnibus lectures, I’d like to thank each and every one of the teachers at Veritas. I have been greatly blessed by your wisdom and love for the Lord. 

Fellow seniors, this has been a journey I will truly never forget. From the few that have stuck by my side since kindergarten, to the new friends I have made throughout high school, I will miss you all so much. The memories we have made together will last a lifetime. I will greatly miss the fun field trips, volleyball games, and endless jokes and laughter between classes. 

Finally, thank you to my parents, for your constant love and support. I couldn’t have done it without you. I plan to attend Lipscomb University in Nashville, TN to major in Art Therapy and minor in psychology and Spanish. Leaving Veritas Academy won’t be easy, but I can’t wait to use the tools they have equipped me with to begin this new journey at college.


Olivia Mylin

Palm Beach Atlantic University

I have attended Veritas Academy since Kindergarten. I have really enjoyed Veritas and all of the unique things about this school, especially all of the traditions, like Shrove Tuesday, field trips, and Houses. I have played basketball, ran cross country, and played one year of volleyball. The coaches have not only helped me improve in the sport, but also have helped me grow personally. 

I want to thank my parents for sending me to this school; the coaches for being such amazing, influential people; and the teachers. I have loved the close relationships between the teachers and the students that Veritas has provided. I can’t wait to attend college, but I am sad that I will be leaving Veritas and all of the familiarity behind. This fall I plan to attend Palm Beach Atlantic University to study international business and minor in exercise science.

Megan Noble

Megan Noble 

Wheaton College

This has been my fourth year at Veritas, and it has passed much quicker than I would have liked. My classmates are all such wonderful people and I have been honored to know them. I am so grateful for all of the opportunities to grow and learn. My teachers have helped me in so many ways over these last few years and for that I am so thankful. I could never have imagined how much I would grow to love this school and everyone in it. 

Veritas is so unique with its traditions and I have loved every one, especially Shrove Tuesday, the Colonial Ball, or the play. It has been so amazing to be able to talk and learn with such great people! Thank you all for being so kind. 

Next year I will be studying Geology at Wheaton College.

Alex Petry

Alexei Petry

Grove City College

Veritas Academy is a place that lives by nurturing people to love, serve and think. Ever since third grade, I have seen this motto played out in the school. I cannot imagine how I would feel going into college without the wonderful education from Veritas.

I want to thank my parents for encouraging me to do the best I can. I want to thank the teachers who have helped me to succeed in both academics and social life. I want to specially thank Mrs. Forbes for her continual work to help me to succeed in math and for never giving up on me and for encouraging me to do the same.

I have so many fun memories that I would love to share. From going to my first Colonial Ball dance to the invigorating rallies for sports; from the field trips to Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia to the mini discussions in Omnibus. I loved the concerts and playing the organ for three of them.

In the fall, Lord willing, I will be attending Grove City College as a Philosophy and Violin Performance Major. I am super excited for the next stage of my life to come.  Even though the academics will be top tier and sometimes stressful, I am confident that the learning I have gotten from Veritas Academy will help me to do well academically.


Elena Petry

Boyce College

Veritas has been my home for the past 10 years. It has been an honor growing up with such an amazing class. I would not have become the person I am today without the love, support, and encouragement that the Veritas community has given. The education I have received among amazing classmates has been the biggest blessing.

I am going to miss my classmates so very much. Living my life with physical limitations often causes difficulties and is not only inconvenient for me but also for my classmates. There would be times when as a class we would be doing activities that I thought I could not participate in. I would get scared that my classmates would get tired or upset about the inconvenience I caused. But, they never let limitations get in the way of my ability to participate. They have always been so flexible and creative in coming up with solutions. Where I saw roadblocks, my classmates saw solutions.

Every year Veritas has a circle drawing competition in celebration of Pi day. Everyone draws a circle on the board and whoever has the best circle wins. Obviously, this was an area that I saw I would fail in. Every year I would get anxiety as the competition approached. I would try to get out of having to go up to draw my circle. My classmates would not let me stay on the sidelines. They all would cheer me on as I attempted my circle. The circle would always look terrible and I expected to be laughed at or even worse pitied. But, every year they showered me with encouragement. One year I even made it to the second round! I was shocked. How did I, a kid with half an arm and two fingers beat someone with full limbs? Cheers ensued from everyone in the room. Then I looked over at the student I had beaten, scared that they would be upset and embarrassed. I was amazed to see them cheering me on as well.

They have been my cheer squad since day one. Because of the overwhelming support, I have become more confident in who I am and open to exploring possibilities. I couldn’t have been blessed to grow up with a better group of students.

Veritas has taught me how to be a loving, serving, and thinking student. One of the most significant things that stands out to me, making Veritas the best school, are the teachers. They have worked so hard on my behalf and it has had a positive impact on my life.

I am proud to announce I will be attending Boyce College in Louisville Kentucky. As I was looking for a college I realized that I wanted to attend a school that based its education on Christian values. The education I will be receiving at Boyce College will strengthen my faith and teach me to do everything in excellence for the glory of God. I will be majoring in Business Administration. God has been by my side through everything and I can’t wait to see what His plans are for my future.


Ruth Sun

Columbia International University

It is hard to believe that my high school career is coming to an end. Throughout my three years at Veritas, I am very grateful for opportunities to learn and participate in extracurricular activities. I am so lucky to have teachers who care for their students and are willing to walk along my side. I am also very thankful for my class. They are wonderful and supportive people. I can't imagine my experience at Veritas without my teachers and my classmates.

Next year I will be studying education at Columbia International University

Sarah Trimbath

Sarah Trimbath

Hillsdale College

I have grown to love my classmates as if they were my family. I will miss the inside jokes, NYC field trips, and the thousands of selfies before and after basketball games. Thank you to my friends who have stuck by me since third grade.

While Veritas has provided me with many opportunities to participate in service days, I learned to serve most effectively through the example of the teachers who served me. Mrs. Kiehl, thank you for reading 30-plus college essays for me and for being available to answer my many questions at all hours of the day.

Finally, Veritas has encouraged me to love learning. Whether we were studying Till We Have Faces, Anna Karenina, or calculus, I have learned to delve into what we were studying. Miss Berkhouse, thank you for teaching me the beauty of Latin and for spending countless hours reading Cupid and Psyche in Latin with me.

Thank you to my parents for their sacrifice to send me to Veritas and for being my biggest supporters. I plan to go to Hillsdale College to study Business next year. I have no idea how I will move on without Veritas, but I am confident that Veritas has prepared me to succeed in this next chapter of my life.

Kailey Weaver

Kailey Weaver


Six years ago, I was begging my parents not to send me to Veritas. Now, my only regret is not having come sooner. Over the past six years, I’ve grown to appreciate and treasure both the education I was given and the people I’ve met. I can’t imagine where I’d be had my parents listened to me and I am incredibly thankful for all Veritas has offered.

Due to my terrible recollection, I will not be pinpointing a favorite memory. However, I will forever miss any and all field trips, intense knock-out and four-square matches, and - true to Veritas charm - house competitions. I will also dearly miss my classmates. Despite our constant berating, unrelenting competitiveness, and uncanny ability to argue, we’ve managed to resemble that of a family. A dysfunctional family, no doubt, but a family nonetheless. I hate to admit it, but I kinda like ‘em and I can’t imagine doing it with anybody else.

I am thankful for all those who made my time at Veritas possible and am especially thankful for all my teachers. Their willingness to sacrifice time and energy into ensuring my success has left a lasting impact and I would not have been able to do it without them. It has been a true pleasure.

As far as the future goes, I am planning on attending a six month gap year program with YWAM before pursuing a career in nursing in 2022. Thank you to all who made my experience at Veritas possible. It’s been a pleasure.

Kyle Weeks

Kyle Weeks

Olivet Nazarene University

I have been attending Veritas Academy since the 4th grade, and in the fall, I will be heading off to Olivet Nazarene University, majoring in Mathematics and minoring in Music.

I have really appreciated the dedication that the teachers give to their students and their aim to be a strong positive impact. I am particularly grateful for Mr. Dennis, Mr. Lauris, and Mrs. Forbes, who have taught me for multiple years and have greatly helped me grow in knowledge and character.

One event that Veritas Academy wouldn’t be the same without is Pi Day. Every year, we enjoy the fun of circles and pies in great jest. I have also enjoyed the feasts and parties, whether in Murder Mysteries, biannual Madrigals, or other events held throughout our school’s curriculum.  They have been a memorable and engaging way to interact with others in the Veritas community.

Thank you to my classmates for being great friends, and thank you to my teachers for being such beneficial leaders.

Miah Wilson

Miah Wilson

University of Richmond

10 years at Veritas Academy and I am extremely nostalgic. I have seen some of these people with braces, some in car seats, some with squeaky voices. Now we're all going to college and growing up.

However, at Veritas I have made some of the best, closest friends I could ever want and will keep the rest of my life. I have had teachers that push me to my greatest potential, growing my intelligence and my character. I am immensely thankful for the community of Veritas, creating traditions that are unique and weird and hilarious. No where else will you find a bunch of teenagers reenacting Monty Python, then racing while flipping pancakes.

My favorite memory, though, would be playing Molly in Peter and the Starcatcher in my sophomore year. It was the dream role that I knew I wanted.

In Fall of 2021, I will be attending the University of Richmond, intending to study Cognitive Science or Neuroscience. I am so thankful to my parents for giving me every opportunity to succeed and supporting me in all I want to do.

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