Help us Reopen Safely...

At the beginning of the summer, Veritas announced our plan to be back in person, safely “in our physical classrooms as normally as possible.” We are still on track to execute that plan—and to have a great start to the 2020-21 school year! But we need your help.  



We are facing two great challenges. The first challenge is protecting individuals in our community from COVID-19 while fulfilling our mission to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students and honoring our obligations to parents and governing authorities


With the second challenge comes an incredible opportunity. Because of our capped class size limits and large classroom spaces, we are ideally suited to have substantial freedom in the classrooms. 


Families are moving to Veritas because of uncertainties in the educational and political realms. We have to be ready to bring in great new students and families without compromising our commitment to our current families and to the safety commitment that we have made. 



To honor our commitments and to take advantage of new enrollment opportunities, we need your help. By contributing to our COVID Safety Fund, you can help us:

  • Hire a new Health Coordinator who will help to screen every person every day at Veritas Academy.
  • Purchase necessary items to keep our students and teachers safe and healthy AND keep learning fun and engaging. Items needed include:
    • College-Style Secondary Desks to help us keep students physically distant. 
    • Hand Sanitizer and PPE to safeguard students' and teachers' personal health. 
    • Large Rented Tents to provide safe classroom space in our courtyard. (This will be so much fun!)
    • Carpeting and Bean Bags for physically distanced reading nooks in the cafeteria. 
    • Teaching Carts so students can remain in their classrooms while teachers come to them. 
    • Air Conditioning and Fans in all remaining classrooms to make classrooms cool and to circulate air more effectively. 
  • Provide scholarship support for families in need because of COVID-related disruptions to income.


We believe that we have a great plan in place to keep our students safe and be attractive to new families that are looking for both safety and educational excellence during these trying times. 


How Can You Help? Give Today!

The adjustments come with a cost. We are looking to raise $50,000 to make Veritas Academy safe and attractive during this time of challenge and opportunity. Can you help?


Thank you for giving to our COVID Safety Fund.