Life Abundant: Good Soil Produces Grads With Gratitude, Grit, & Goals

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 30, 2020 3:05:00 PM

As parents, we want happy kids who grow up to be responsible adults, with full lives characterized by thriving and joy that comes from a deeply rooted relationship ... Read More

Scripture & Science: Teaching Kids To Love & Learn Both Well

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 25, 2020 9:48:33 PM

Once, at a conference, a fellow Christian school administrator told me - somewhat jokingly - of this little exchange he had with a prospective parent.

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How Classical Christian Graduates Live Out Faith in Christ For Life

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 23, 2020 7:30:00 PM

"It's 'only' practice...and belief."

As a dad, I want my children (four daughters) to ... Read More

A Force for Change: Classical Christian Grads Become Influencers

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 18, 2020 1:55:17 PM

“I really don't like Christian education.”

This line has surprisingly been uttered by a number of people connected with Veritas Academy—donors, ... Read More

College & Career Preparedness: How Do Classical Alumni Measure Up?

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 16, 2020 3:53:50 PM

If you are new to this series of posts, please check out these two posts that explain the Good Soil Report (LINK HERE) and the Read More

Too Good to Be True? Data on Classical Christian School Speaks Volumes

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 12, 2020 8:12:25 PM

Have you ever read a sentence or seen some data and thought that it's too good to be true?

That happened to me recently when I was looking at the Read More

Good Soil: Data Proves That Classical Christian Education Works

Posted by Ty Fischer on Jun 9, 2020 2:03:57 PM

“Should I open it?”

I was in the room, a conference center near the Phoenix airport when the original data from researchers at Notre Dame arrived during ... Read More