Christmas Gifts for Fourth Graders from Kathy Arrick

Posted by Ty Fischer on Dec 10, 2015 6:47:18 AM



Fourth graders at Veritas Academy learn about Medieval History. Here are some great ideas that blend the Middle Ages with another 4th grade love--Legos!

Themed Legos from the

whole Medieval Village;

Hobbit Lego set and Hobbit (Great Big) Lego set

Some 4th graders will still love coloring. These are not your younger kid coloring books! They are incredibly intricate and challenging. Here are some great coloring options for the budding medievalists!

Life in a Medieval Castle Coloring Book

Medieval Times Coloring Book

Medieval Fashions Coloring Book

Medieval Tapestries Coloring Book

All lovers of the Middle Ages (especially the boys!) will love reading about Vikings or Hobbits:

Viking Quest Series

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

There are great catapult kits for the Medieval engineer!

Medieval Launcher

Remember, that Chess is a great Medieval game. Here are a few great Medieval looking sets:

Medieval Chess Set 1

Medieval Chess Set 2

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