What the Ends Mean

Posted by veritas on Dec 7, 2012 2:36:27 PM

So, if you were wondering about the election and its meaning, a story in the paper might have been a smack in the face. Here comes Obamacare:

Local Business Sues over Birth Control

Interesting, isn't it that this collective approach to health care makes an end run around Christian objections to abortion, abortive birth control, or birth control in general. Christians end up paying for the very things that they object to. When people accuse me of wanting to impose my morality on them, I am tempted to answer "absolutely, but I do not need you to pay for it." Really, all I want is the right to try to persuade you (and the majority and everyone else). I don't want any force in this that would make you (aside from your convictions) believe anything or pay for what you don't believe.


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