Where did we find these people?

Posted by veritas on Jan 1, 2013 12:36:55 PM

Whew! The fiscal cliff was averted...well sort of. We actually sort of went over it and sort of did not. When one looks across the landscape of our country searching for hope, you need not look to Washington for leadership. The place is devoid of any people ready to lead the country. Politics is important business. It is the people's business. It is important. I don't believe that the people presently in office take it seriously. I am sort of numb about this, but the entire fiscal cliff charade is sort of disturbing.

We would do well if we just changed out the entire bunch (we would lose some good people in that mass firing, but it would be worth it to get rid of the vast majority who are really an rather ingrown bunch of people who are playing at politics.

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