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What Makes Veritas Different?

There are Christian schools in almost every community, but Veritas distinguishes itself as a genuinely unique place of learning. From the highest academic standards, enriching cultural events for the whole family that bring learning to life, a faculty committed not just to their discipline but to infusing their passion within every classroom, and an unwavering dedication to pursuing truth, beauty, and goodness within the context of a Christian worldview, Veritas is a special place indeed.

Why Students Love Veritas
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Why Our Faculty Love Veritas

"One of my favorite things about teaching first grade is that I get to teach kids to read! I love introducing sounds and meanings of words as we talk, sing, memorize and hear poetry. I love to hear the progress each student makes as the year unfolds. Reading Frog and Toad, Bread and Jam for Frances, and so many more books opens a world of language, ideas, and fun!" ~Sharon Strawbridge

"I love teaching here because Veritas gives teachers freedom and opportunity to teach what they love. Should we celebrate Pi Day on March 14 by having circle-drawing contests, a plethora of pies to consume, and numerous piems to read? Yes! Should we take a field trip to Princeton to retrace the steps of Kurt Gödel, Albert Einstein, and Cornelius Van Til? Yes! Should we learn logic from the greatest logic textbook ever written (Principia Mathematica)? Yes! Should we reenact feasts from Narnia and Lord of the Rings? Yes! This freedom has made Veritas into a place of wonder, where the teachers' imaginations are allowed to be as challenged and engaged as the students'. It is a special place."~Jon Kaus

"There are many reasons I love to teach – the creativity involved with games, crafts, and songs; the wonderful staff I work with here at Veritas; the enthusiasm and energy of my students – but one of the best things about teaching is seeing the excitement of students when they make connections or learn something for the first time. It’s wonderful to watch their minds grow as they learn not just facts, but how to think and to ask questions, to seek what is true and to love learning. The classical Christian approach to education really helps this as students learn to understand and connect the truth in all subjects not only in light of our Western heritage, but most importantly through the truth found in God." ~Katie Zappitella

"I have enjoyed teaching at Veritas Academy for 8 years. I love teaching in a school in which my goal every day is not just to impart knowledge, but to stir minds to think thoughts after Christ and hearts to love what Christ loves. Education isn't just about information exchange; it's training young men and women to be faithful and fruitful followers of their Savior, and that's exciting!"~ Chris Walker

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If you are considering a private, Christian school for your children you'll want to check out our multimedia resources. Our video gallery gives you a better look at our school culture, and our parent resources answer many common questions and concerns often facing parents - both education/school related and general parenting helps. Our desire is to give parents a full understanding of our community and be a helpful guide to those who are interested in joining the Veritas family.

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