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Financial Aid - Veritas Academy | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian SchoolVeritas Academy sets aside a limited amount of funds each year for financial aid. The school uses a third party, Independent School Management’s FAST service to assist the Financial Aid Committee’s decision on each awarded amount. FAST takes into account a family’s income and expenses (based on national cost of living averages), number of dependents, and assets (excluding home equity and retirement).

Applying to FAST is simple (parents must have submitted an enrollment form and fee before applying for aid):

  1. Start your online financial aid application here
  2. Complete an online application, answering a series of questions that takes approximately 30 to 45 minutes.
  3. Pay a $43 application fee to FAST.
  4. Mail hard copies of documentation to FAST to verify information.
  5. Parents will receive notification of their awarded amount from Veritas Academy.
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