2018-2019 TUITION


Tuition - Veritas Academy | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

Preschool 2 Mornings a Week (T, Th): $875 per year

Prekindergarten 2 Full Days (T, Th): $1525

Prekindergarten 5 Mornings a Week: $1,825 per year

Preschool/Prekindergarten 3 Mornings a Week (M, W, F): $1,225 per year

Kindergarten (mornings only): $6,750

Kindergarten (all day): $9,300

Afternoon Kindergarten (pay as you go): $20 per afternoon

1st–6th Grade: $9,925

7th–12th Grade: $10,175

Extended Day Options

$7 per hour per preschooler/prekindergartener staying after 12 PM-3pm for afternoon enrichment

$7 per hour per K-12 student staying after 3 PM-5pm for after school enrichment


Veritas Academy does not want finances to hinder you from having your child receive a classical, Christian education, so we offer need-based financial aid. The above tuition rates should be viewed in light of this potential aid.

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