2019-2020 TUITION

At Veritas, it is our hope that finances would not hinder any family who wants their children to receive an exceptional Classical Christian Education. We offer need-based financial, which over 50% of our families receive. We encourage you to view the below tuition rates in light of this potential aid. We delight in working with families to help make education at Veritas Academy work for you.


Tuition - Veritas Academy | Veritas Academy | Classical Christian School

Preschool - 2 Mornings a Week: $900

Prekindergarten - 2 Full Days: $1,575

Prekindergarten - 5 Mornings a Week: $1,875

Preschool/Prekindergarten - 3 Mornings a Week: $1,275

Kindergarten (mornings): $6,950

Kindergarten (all day): $9,575

Grammar (grades 1-6): $10,225

Secondary (grades 7-12): $10,475

Extended Day Options

$25 per afternoon a la carte daily rate for kindergarten students staying from 12 PM - 3 PM.

$8 per hour per K-12 student staying after 3 PM-5pm for after school enrichment

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