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boys xc edited.jpgLancaster County is a beautiful setting for our cross country team. There is plenty to see running through the rolling hills of Amish country. Veritas fields both a boys and girls junior high cross country team and a boys and girls high school team. Finishing first or last is of less concern to us than the effort our kids invest. How hard we try and how genuinely we love our teammates and our opponents are matters of the heart that we believe are of great concern to God. As our families reinforce these values, we believe positive athletic results typically come along as part of the package. One final item to note: what makes cross country unique at Veritas is that, unlike other sports, the boys and girls are running primarily against public schools. Thus, the aim of our team is to run well and to run in a way that brings honor to Jesus Christ.



IMG_9744.jpg2011 was the first year Veritas Academy girls competed in volleyball. Middle school girls played in an intramural program, led by several of our varsity volleyball girls. The varsity team worked on developing their skills and gained experience by playing a limited schedule against other small Christian and private schools. In 2012 Veritas Academy girls competed in the CCAC.

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