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What We Value

It's that incredible feeling when you drop your child off at school and you know without a doubt that the teachers and leaders who have them for the day are guiding them in the same principles you're working to establish at home. That learning is alive, engaging, and truly joyful. That the kids are guided in excellence - not only in academics, but also as loving servants of Christ toward each other. That God's word is central and interwoven into every subject, because He is the Creator of it all.

Know that feeling? We do, and we welcome you to discover it, too!

Geronimo, Amen! Part 1

A Classical Christian Education Documentary

Geronimo, Amen! Part 2

A Classical Christian Education Documentary

Mom? Dad? Can We Talk?

Your child's ready. Are you?

What Our Alums Say

How Veritas has shaped them

God & Country

An example of an eye-opening Omnibus class 

The Veritas Community

It's unlike any other

God Made Me...

A glimpse of Veritas Kindergarten

Joyful Rebellion

A lecture from theologian Carl Trueman

Living History

A snippet of how our 5th & 9th Graders learn Colonial history
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