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We're reimagining education by returning to the classics.

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A K-12 Classical Christian education like no other.

Veritas Academy was founded to provide a Classical Christian Education to the community of Lancaster County, PA. Offering a joyful and rigorous academic environment rooted in the great liberal arts tradition, we provide students with time-tested tools for learning that cultivate virtue and a lifelong love of learning. Our approach, with Christ at the center, produces uncommon young adults who are loving, serving, and critical thinkers. These students are unique in their aim to follow Christ and influence culture for generations to come.

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What is a Classical Christian Education?

A classical Christian education emphasizes the liberal arts and sciences, with a focus on the study of the classics, history, literature, languages, mathematics, science, and logic. This approach to education seeks to develop critical thinking skills, a love of learning, and a deep understanding of the world and its complexities. Our students learn to ask important questions, engage in rigorous debate, and pursue truth, beauty, and goodness in all areas of life.

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Education Beyond the Classroom

A Veritas student enjoys a rich academic, spiritual, and social life filled with a host of extracurricular and social activities including athletics, visual and performing arts, drama, music, community service, prayer, after school clubs, and more.

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Our School At A Glance


Student teacher ratio

Veritas is proud to offer a remarkable student-teacher ratio of 12:1, ensuring that each student receives the individual attention they need to thrive.


Average SAT Score

Veritas boasts an impressive average SAT score of 1310, a testament to the high level of academic excellence and rigor that is fostered within the institution.


Overall Student Enrollment

Veritas Academy boasts a diverse and talented academic community of 375+ students who strive for excellence in all areas of their lives.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel. ”

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Exploring the Intersection of Faith & Learning

Our podcast, Cultivate, hosted by Ty Fischer, Headmaster at Veritas, features conversations with thought leaders on classical education, theology, and the Christian life. Each episode provides insight and inspiration for personal and professional growth, exploring the intersection of faith and learning.

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Our difference is our people.

From administrators to support staff, our teachers and staff are committed to helping students reach their potential. We believe in the power of education to transform lives and strive to provide an education that is tailored to the individual needs of each student.

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Learn more about Classical education, theology, and the Christian life.

With insightful articles and thought-provoking commentary from our faculty, staff, and guest writers, the blog is dedicated to exploring the intersection of faith and learning. Whether you are a student, parent, educator, or lifelong learner, our blog offers a wealth of information and inspiration to help you cultivate a deeper understanding of the world around you.


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