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Introducing Young People to Jesus

Veritas Preschool at Highland focuses on the basics. Of course, we learn letters, numbers, shapes, and colors, but our most important introduction is introducing our students to Jesus. We do this by learning the Bible and by forming an environment that immerses our students in Christ. We call this Christ-Centered Culture “Our Paideia”. This Greek word is what Paul uses in Ephesians 6:4 when he speaks of the “nurture (paideia) and admonition of the Lord. We hope that each of our students will know Christ and learn to follow Him wholeheartedly.

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What we focus on in Preschool

Letters and Phonics

Veritas Academy would teach students the basic foundational elements of reading. We start to learn letters, sounds, and how to write our names.

Learning Numbers and Counting.

Preschool students at Veritas learn their numbers and how to count. These foundational elements of mathematics serve them well as they move from preschool to Kindergarten.

Fun Field Trips

Veritas Preschool takes a few wonderful field trips around the county. These family-oriented trips are one of the great highlights of every year.

Teaching Truth

In Preschool and Pre-K, we begin our study of the Christian worldview using the Catechism for Young Children. This set of questions and answers helps students learn about God, themselves, and His love for them.

Our Classrooms

Each classroom’s instruction is unique to the teacher’s techniques and the student's needs. Activities are discovery-based through student participation in large and small-group settings, classroom's and rotating learning centers.

Visits from K-12 Students

Because we are part of Veritas Academy, students will also get additional enrichment with visits from our K-12 students and teachers from time to time to help enhance their learning experience!

Highland Partnership & Facility

Veritas Academy is blessed to partner with Highland Presbyterian Church. This enables us to have a secure facility with access to a gymnasium for inside play and a fenced-in playground that ensures a fun and safe experience.

Active Learning Environment

Activities are discovery-based through student participation in both large and small-group settings, classroom centers, and rotating learning stations. All themes are taught using Biblical principles as the basis for each unit.

Our Curriculum

We use themes to focus on the emergent interests of the children, keeping learning interesting and exciting as children explore using their five senses. Student/teacher interests allow flexibility of the learning themes, as long as the core areas of math, literacy, and Bible curriculum objectives are met.

Class Options to Suit Your Child and Your Schedule

No matter what your schedule, budget, or child’s needs are, we have a class program that can fit your family.

Preschool* (ages 3 & 4):
3 Days Morning Program (M, W, F)*
2 Days Morning Program (T, TH)*

Pre-K (ages 4 & 5):
2 Full Days (T, TH)*
5 Days Morning Program (M-F)
3 Days Morning Program (M, W, F)

With so many options, you're sure to find a schedule that works for your family.

*Please note, all of our Preschool age classes and our full-day (T, Th) Pre-K classes are full for the 2024-2025 school year. Please contact Preschool Director Meghan Lake ( with questions or to be added to the waiting list.

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Finding Veritas Preschool

Veritas Preschool is located on a separate campus from our K-12 school. You can find us at: Highland Presbyterian Church
500 E. Roseville Road, Lancaster
Phone: 717-925-6693

PreK class with Miss Meghan

Our Incredible Teachers

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Meghan Lake
Preschool Director, Pre-K Teacher
Tracy Kuehner
Preschool Teacher
Ellen Collison
Pre-K Teacher
Michelle Fisher
Preschool Teacher
Hannah Kilpatrick
Preschool Assistant

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Our Academic Difference

Classical Christian schools are highly valued by those who understand their potential, but often overlooked by others. Our school stands out because we start with different goals. Discover more about what sets our school apart.

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Meet Our Incredible Staff

Over the years, God has brought Veritas Academy incredibly gifted teachers who inspire the love of learning and help students reach their highest potential. Learn about them by exploring their profiles on our Faculty & Staff page.  

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Cultivating Students

We strive to develop students who not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success, but who are also filled with love and compassion for others, a desire to serve their community, and a knack for critical thinking.