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Fostering Virtue for Life and Joy in Learning

Our approach to kindergarten is timeless, effective, and simple: provide children the environment, instruction, and tools to help them love God, love others, and love learning. Each school day is brimming with goodness, and students both work hard and play hard. The classical curriculum gives children a solid academic footing for success in school and life, with experienced, nurturing teachers who anchor it all in Christ’s love and truth.

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What we focus on during in Kindergarten

Phonics and Reading

Veritas Academy teaches reading through phonics. We use Veritas Press’s Phonics Museum, which gets students reading fun primers early because the skill of reading is stoked by joy and confidence.


Kindergarteners start by learning numbers and counting. They explore and many master simple addition and subtraction. They use skip counting and coins to learn to count by ones, fives, and tens, which will help them when they begin to study multiplication and division.

Bible: Old Testament

Kindergartens learn to love God’s Word. They learn the books of the Old Testament in order and their teacher reads them stories out of the Old Testament.

Lancaster County History

Kindergarteners learn about Lancaster County. They take a number of fun trips around the county, visiting places like the Hans Herr House, the Amish Village, and the Sturgis Pretzel Factory.

Music and Singing

Veritas Kindergarteners learn to sing God’s praises in class and special music classes. You will be amazed by their ability and the wonderful hymns and Scripture that these songs hide in their hearts.

Fine Arts

Kindergarteners explore the visual arts in classroom projects and a special art class. The have a lot of fun as they being to learn about shapes and drawing.

Physical Education and Recess

Kindergarteners work hard in class, but we do not always ask them to sit still. Students get recess and snack time along with a PE class. They also have classrooms full of castles and playground equipment for maximum fun.

Learning support

Veritas has two forms of learning support. We have Intermediate Unity Support in Reading, Math, and Speech. We also have our own in-house support to help student who might be struggling to master reading and math.

Kindergarten Takes Learning Beyond the Classroom

Classical Christian education emphasizes experiential learning. Our goal is not to merely fill children's minds with knowledge, but to ignite a lifelong curiosity, a hunger to learn more about the world God created, and a joy in learning. Numerous memorable events throughout the school year not only reinforce what the students are learning, but aim to cultivate their hearts toward virtue. From the special, royal annual Knighting Ceremony, to the sweet tea party, to the many field trips around the county, the Veritas kindergarten experience engages both the mind and the heart.

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Our Incredible Teachers

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Jacqueline Lake
Laurie Conrad
Kindergarten Teacher
Deborah Bentley
Learning Support, Afternoon Kindergarten
Sarah Smith
K-2 General Music/Choir Teacher, Sixth Grade Assistant, After School Enrichment Director
Brian Cunningham
Physical Education Teacher
Stacy Eberly
Grammar & Secondary Art

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“An orienting theme of all the blessings from Veritas is that my teachers always had goals for me beyond what they could see and measure. They did not merely want me to pass a class, progress to the next grade, graduate, succeed at college and become an excellent employee. All of those things take work and are true accomplishments, but I am blessed that my teachers always kept a different person in view than the student in front of them. My teachers were working towards shaping who I would be ten years after college.”
John Hayward, Veritas Class of 2008, Senior Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Harrisburg, PA
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“Even in middle school our children can already recognize logical fallacies and deconstruct arguments, skills that are invaluable if they wish to think their way through life rather than just regurgitate what they are told. I no longer have to dissect their day at school to see what they might have been told that is contrary to the values we wish to instill in them. Veritas is challenging and rigorous with the understanding that students only get one shot at primary and secondary education.”
Marissa Kmeic, Veritas Parent
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Our Academic Difference

Classical Christian schools are highly valued by those who understand their potential, but often overlooked by others. Our school stands out because we start with different goals. Discover more about what sets our school apart.

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Meet Our Incredible Staff

Over the years, God has brought Veritas Academy incredibly gifted teachers who inspire the love of learning and help students reach their highest potential. Learn about them by exploring their profiles on our Faculty & Staff page.  

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Cultivating Students

We strive to develop students who not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success, but who are also filled with love and compassion for others, a desire to serve their community, and a knack for critical thinking.