Enriching Experiences Beyond the Classroom

Opportunities for Growth, Leadership, Mentoring, and Fun

Veritas students of all ages have an array of extracurricular options to enhance their school experience, learn and hone new skills, serve the community and world, create, perform, and compete. Explore the contours of Veritas’s Christ-Centered culture by seeing how our clubs and organizations give students a chance to excel and serve others in a Christ-honoring way.

Challenge That Cultivates Champions

Chess Club is an opportunity for students of all ages to develop their mastery of the most ancient and classic of strategy games. Chess is not only a game or pastime… it is a part of our cultural heritage, a sport, and a training of the mind. Veritas values this game and recognizes it as an important part of a child’s development. Chess club meets weekly and participates in several tournaments each year.

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Kids playing Chess

Developing Servant Leadership

Juniors and seniors can apply to join Student Service Honorary Societies. These groups serve the community by doing everything from tutoring to cataloging books, from reading books to younger students to setting up and helping with science labs. Students who wish to apply for one or more Service Honoraries must maintain a high standard of academics and character.

Storytelling Comes to Life Through Acting

Classical christian education values stories. After all, consider how many times Christ used stories to teach his messages. Stories stick with us, and theater provides kids a memorable way to experience storytelling. Grammar School Drama Club seeks to tell a good story, equip students to pursue the art of theatre with excellence, and cultivate a community of engaged families through drama games, crafting, and staging. The students audition, practice, and perform a full-length play at the end of the club year.

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Kids doing Karate

Fitness With Purpose

When you have a parent in your school community who is a national champion and willing to impart their knowledge and skill to others, you have a real gift! Such is the case with Veritas Academy’s Taekwondo Club, led by Yosef Eshtu who was a champion in his home country of Ethiopia. Open to students and adults of all ages, this weekly club guides students to earning their yellow belt in a Korean martial art that teaches self-defense and self-discipline.

Student Government

Upper School students are chosen to serve as representatives on the school’s Student Government, which plans events, service opportunities, and more for the secondary school. This leadership position helps students grow as individuals as they work together with their peers to further the Christ-centered culture at Veritas Academy.

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Veritas Robotics Club

We're excited to offer a Robotics Club for Veritas Grammar School students. This extracurricular program will allow kids to hone their STEM skills in a fun environment and prepare them for the Robotics elective in high school. The program offers children a blend of introductory computer programming and CAD, 3D printing, basic robotics concepts, computer skills, mechanical troubleshooting, and an introduction to engineering.

Yearbook Club

This club works together to produce the Veritas yearbook, as well as a new student-led literary and arts journal. It requires and develops creativity, confidence, leadership, responsibility, and patience within participating students. The club’s year round effort produces our annual arts journal and our yearbook.

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