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Classical Christian Schools use a proven model based on a time-tested philosophy and academic excellence.

Classical education at Veritas is a three-stage process through which students move at appropriate developmental stages. Known collectively as the Trivium, these three stages are called grammar, logic, and rhetoric, and are the tools we apply to the discovery of subject matter as well as the subject matter itself.

Once students master these tools of learning, reasoning, and communication, they can and will continue to utilize them for a lifetime. The result is that students learn how to solve difficult problems, become self-aware, and effectively express what they actually think.

What Is Classical Education?


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At Veritas Academy…

Lancaster County Christian School Kindergarten

Preschool and

Preschool and

The early years of a child’s education create a foundation for a lifetime of learning, so we establish a joyful learning environment in Preschool and Kindergarten. We integrate a thematic concept into all academic areas, while incorporating a wide variety of hands-on learning experiences that engage their five senses. Biblical principles are the basis for each unit. Activities are discovery-based, allowing children to flourish in both large and small-group settings, classroom centers, and rotating learning centers. These programs focus on academic and social preparation for lower school and for life.

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Preschool | Kindergarten


(Grades 1-6)

(Grades 1-6)

At the age when children are naturally inquisitive and are both willing and able to learn lots of material, we equip them with a “storehouse of knowledge” that serve as building blocks for the future of their education. When coupled with the wisdom that flows from a Classical Christian Education, our students are prepared to do great things.

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(Grades 7-8)

(Grades 7-8)

During the Logic stage, Veritas teaches our children how to think and argue using logic. We teach children how things relate to each other – cause and effect. This is a method that is used across every class. In science, we learn the scientific method to find truth. In math, we solve for unknowns and test proofs logically. In languages, students use word endings to decode languages. In art and music, they can form opinions are argue what makes a piece good. Learning the art of argumentation prepares middle school students for college and beyond.

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(Grades 9-12)

(Grades 9-12)

The Classical Christian Education model produces mature, young adults who can think for themselves. In the Rhetoric stage, students are taught how to communicate winsomely and effectively. Children combine the knowledge and wisdom they learned in Grammar and Logic to solve difficult problems, become self-aware, and express what they think through speech, papers, and teamwork. They move deeper into all subjects, polishing and perfecting their thinking and communication skills.

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There’s something for every student at the Veritas Academy. Take a tour to see and hear for yourself.

Let us be the first to welcome you. Visit our campus to meet faculty, staff and students. Enjoy a tour of our classrooms and get a first-hand look inside our vibrant learning community.

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What’s coming up at Veritas



Parent-Teacher Conferences

Take this opportunity to meet one on one with your child's teachers. Sign ups in weekly Communique.



8:15 AM

Shrove Tuesday Annual Costume Competition and Pancake Race

This is it...one of the most memorable and zany Veritas traditions. Which secondary houses will take the prizes this year? Parents are welcome to come watch the fun!



9:00 AM

School Tour

Come see classical Christian education in action and experience a school like no other!

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4th-6th Grade Drama Club Play

Come watch our entertaining upper Grammar school students perform the hilarious mash-up of Dorothy in Wonderland! Friday the 24th at 6:00 pm, Saturday the 25th at 2:00 pm. Admission by donation.



6:00 PM

Girls Winter Sports Awards Ceremony

Celebrate all that our basketball athletes accomplished on and off the court this season!



1:45 PM

3rd Grade Play: Zeus' Family Reunion

Our third graders put on their annual play presenting this dysfunctional Greek gods and goddesses.

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