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What does "Grammar" mean in classical Christian education?

Well, it's not just about good sentence structure and punctuation (although those are important!). Grammar refers to the fundamental elements of a field of knowledge or skill - the foundation of learning, if you will. Grammar School at Veritas equips young students with the foundational knowledge of subjects upon which they will build, such as math, history, literature, writing, science, and Bible. Since children at this age excel in memorization, we capitalize on this ability.

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What we focus on during the Grammar Phase

Loving Reading and Good Books

They begin reading chapter books in 2nd grade and love reading the Little House on the Prairie books while they learn to make butter. Fourth grade, learn about Vikings and Robin Hood. They read classics like The Hobbit and Beowulf and go on the Hobbit Hike field trip. Fifth graders love Where the Red Fern Grows and the make lanterns to read.

Veritas Loves Latin: Amo, Amas, Amat

Veritas students start learning Latin in 2nd grade. At first, it is simple, but because they love it, they can move quickly into singing and translating. This early study of language enables them to learn modern foreign languages quickly, and it helps them understand the roots behind many English words.

Math and Science: Both Beautiful and Functional

God made two books that help us know the truth. One book is called the Bible. The other we can call the Book of Nature. Classical Christian students learn that these books fit together. We learn the skills at Veritas to find truth by contemplating numbers and relationships between numbers. We also explore God’s world and learn how to explore nature to find truth.

English Grammar and Writing

Grammar school students start learning English grammar in first grade. They learn the parts of speech and how to take sentences apart. This language mastery helps them begin to write clearly and communicate effectively. They practice their writing skills in many subjects.

Music: Singing and Strings

Veritas grammar school students have two music classes each week. One class is general music. The other is choir. All students learn to sing. Also, Veritas starts all students on strings during their “Strings Explorer” program in 3rd grade. Many students continue on with strings and Veritas’s strings groups are among the best in the county.

Fine Arts: Learning to Love Beauty

Grammar students learn to develop skills in the visual arts. The main focus is drawing, but students also learn using other media. They also have an opportunity to be involved in theatrical productions in our Grammar School Acting Troupe.

Physical Education and Sports

Classical Christian schools recognize that God put us in bodies to glorify Him. Our grammar students enjoy PE classes and begin to explore grammar school sports. In 5th grade, students can begin participation on Veritas’s Middle School Teams.

Learning Support

Veritas works with the Intermediate Unit to help with reading and math in the younger grades and with speech therapy in all grades. Veritas Learning Support identifies struggling students, tutors students, and works with parents to explore good practice strategies that can be employed at home.

Traveling Through The Ages from Creation to Today

A walk through our Grammar School hallway makes evident that this is not your everyday education. Our school takes a unique approach to teaching history, connecting each period to our world today. This wondrous journey begins with the creation of the world and progresses chronologically through history until the modern West in 6th grade. Our students are immersed in the cultures, ideas, and events that shape our world.

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Our Incredible Teachers

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Katie Thompson
First Grade Teacher
Sharon Strawbridge
First Grade Teacher
Ann Enzman
Second Grade Teacher
Deborah Chapin
Second Grade Teacher
Julie Howard
Third Grade Teacher
Judy Hermanovitch
Third Grade Teacher
Emily Fischer
Fourth Grade Teacher, Middle School Girls Volleyball Coach
Laura Henry
Fifth Grade Teacher
Ibby Rios
Sixth Grade and Spanish IV Teacher
Kristen Pontz
Upper School & 6th Grade Math Teacher
Adam Timmins
House Program Director, Upper School Logic & Humane Letters Teacher, 5th Grade Math Teacher
Catherine Godfrey
Fourth Grade Assistant
Lori Sensenig
Teacher’s Assistant, First Grade
Sarah Smith
K-2 General Music/Choir Teacher, Sixth Grade Assistant, After School Enrichment Director
Deborah Bentley
Learning Support, Afternoon Kindergarten
Madelyn Fischer
Latin Teacher, Omnibus Teacher
Brian Cunningham
Physical Education Teacher
Christine Hertzog
Learning Support, 2nd Grade Latin Teacher
Jannah Esbenshade
Science Teacher
Jennifer Petry
Director of Orchestras
Lindsey Stauffer
Choir Director & Upper Grammar Music Teacher
Stacy Eberly
Grammar & Secondary Art

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