Education that Inspires Depth and Wisdom

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An Overview of Classical Christian Education

Classical Christian Education is a form of education that emphasizes critical thinking, communication skills, and a Christian worldview. It draws from the ancient Greek education system, which aimed to train citizens for self-governance and freedom. Later, it was Christianized and refined by medieval scholars into what we know today. Instead of focusing on specific subjects, it focuses on the seven liberal arts to free the mind from external influences. The ultimate goal is to cultivate wisdom in light of Christ's kingdom and creation.

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The Treasures of a Classical Christian Education

Veritas Academy aims to guide students towards treasures that enlighten the mind, inspire emotion, and channel the will. The Classical Christian education approach recognizes that education goes beyond memorizing facts and seeks to ignite a student's reason, values, and passion. This treasure lies in invariable truth, incredible beauty, and unassailable goodness, which have been excavated from the teachings of Greek philosophers. The goal is to prepare students for college and beyond, while instilling a deep love for Christ and a desire to serve others.

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Education that Forms the Soul

Today, Christians often talk about worldview, but overlook the deeper concept of paideia. Paideia refers to the education that shapes the soul of a human being, and is fundamental to culture formation. Classical education focuses on the entire person, including their worldview, habits, thought patterns, character, and culture. It aims to cultivate virtue and a deep appreciation for truth, goodness, and beauty in students. The goal is to align students' virtues and reasoning with God's will - a Christian paideia.

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The Art of Training the Mind to Think

Veritas Academy teaches the seven liberal arts to develop students' critical thinking, communication, and analytical skills. The goal is not only to prepare students for college and beyond but also to instill a deep love for Christ and a desire to serve others. Our mission is to guide students towards enlightenment, inspiration, and leadership through a Christian liberal arts education.

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“The scholar has lived in many times and is therefore in some degree immune from the great cataract of nonsense that pours from the press and the microphone of his own age.”

C.S. Lewis
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Our Accreditation

Accreditation validates our commitment to excellence in classical Christian education and ensures that our curriculum, faculty, and programs meet rigorous standards of quality and effectiveness. We are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education, and our accreditations are testament to our ongoing commitment to academic and institutional excellence.

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Our Academic Difference

Classical Christian schools are highly valued by those who understand their potential, but often overlooked by others. Our school stands out because we start with different goals. Discover more about what sets our school apart.

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Meet Our Incredible Staff

Over the years, God has brought Veritas Academy incredibly gifted teachers who inspire the love of learning and help students reach their highest potential. Learn about them by exploring their profiles on our Faculty & Staff page.  

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Cultivating Students

We strive to develop students who not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success, but who are also filled with love and compassion for others, a desire to serve their community, and a knack for critical thinking.