Portrait of a Graduate

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What Can You Expect from a Veritas Education?

We call it our “portrait of a graduate.” It answers the question “what is a Veritas Academy education designed to do?” Veritas graduates are equipped to be faith-filled, biblical thinkers who pursue Christian character, communicate confidently, innovate purposefully, and live courageously as tomorrow’s leaders.

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A Heart For God and Others

A well-lived life begins with loving the right things in the right ways. A Veritas graduate above all loves God, His Word, and all that is true, good, and beautiful. Being trained to embrace these virtues and to see all things in light of God’s glory, a student leaves this place with a lifelong love for God, manifested in a heart for Him and for those he has created in his image.

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Solid Faith With Sound Reason

Faith in Christ is the root of life and salvation, and a Veritas graduate’s love for God is the foundation for this faith. While only God has the power to open the heart, a fully-formed graduate will have a deep and abiding faith in Christ. They will bolster this faith with the ability to think critically - discerning truth from lies and attaining wisdom that leads to prudent action - and to communicate this wisdom winsomely.

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Pursues Knowledge & Excellence

A Veritas graduate employs truth and thought usefully and courageously. They embrace learning as a lifelong journey, which begins with the deeply joyful education they experience at Veritas. By fostering an environment of intellectual curiosity that rewards attempts at great things and values the learning achieved through both success and failure, we give students the fortitude to pursue excellence, even in the face of adversity.

Girls writing on the board
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Equipped for God’s Calling

A Veritas education cultivates a graduate who looks to discern and pursue God’s calling, knowing that the vocation that God gives us is far more than a career or area of study. This young person will step out in leadership and self-sacrificial service in their family, church, and community, prepared to follow God’s leading and guide others toward truth.

Joyful in Service

Our goals for our graduates begin and end with love. When the love for God and others in a Veritas graduate’s heart is fully formed and rightly ordered, they enjoy a life of virtue. This person is a faithful steward of the love, faith, and knowledge given them, with a character of Christlike humility that defends the vulnerable, loves mercy, and blesses others.

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“It’s helpful that I’m able to come into conversations about religion with a lot of reasonable talking points. It’s important to me to explain how I see my faith working and being compatible with science. The foundation I gained at Veritas has allowed me to talk on those points and have a reason for how I see those two major fields coming together.”

Leigha Martin, Veritas Class of 2017