Learning to Rightly Order Our Affections

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Christ At the Center of Everything We Do

We work hard because He calls us to work as to the Lord. We sing His praises because He deserves praise. We treat each other with care and kindness because every person is made in God’s image. This Christ-centered culture is something that we call “Paideia”. Paul uses this word in Ephesians 6:4, calling on fathers to raise their children in “the nurture (paideia) and admonition of the Lord.” This “paideia” forms and shapes our students. From the moment they arrive at school, and are greeted by an administrator who shakes their hand, to the subjects we study and the traditions we enjoy, everything in our paideia forms and shapes students to be like Jesus.

Subjects Saturated in Scripture

In classical Christian education, we rejoice in recognizing God’s hand at work in all subjects. Spiritual development is not relegated to its own chapel time slot while academics remain separate; rather, God’s truth, his love, and his word are integrated into every course.

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Stirring the Heart Through Devotion, Singing, and Prayer

From Kindergarten through Senior year, Veritas students have devotional time. In the younger grades, devotions happen in their classrooms each morning, although Kindergarten and First Grade often get together to learn hymns by heart. In Secondary School, students have a devotional time in their Houses. Each Friday, the entire 7th through 12th grade gets together to sing, pray and

The Older Will Serve the Younger

Veritas juniors and seniors can apply to be part of Veritas’s Honorary Societies. These groups are named after great saints from the past, and the members of the honorary serve the young students and the entire Veritas Community.

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Discipline That Aims at the Heart

The guiding force of our faith in Christ extends beyond the classroom and weaves into how student discipline is handled. Always with a heart toward repentance, reconciliation, and redemption, parents can be assured that disciplinary issues are always bathed in prayer and pointed toward scripture, as our administrators work with students to understand together the heart of the matter and help to deal with sin in a loving but firm Godly way.

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"To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible."

Thomas Aquinas
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Is Studying the Bible Devotional or Academic?

Veritas answers this question with a resounding, “YES!” Study should lead to worship, and worship should lead to a greater desire for study. At Veritas, we dig deep into the Scriptures because we know God through them. This study, however, is only rightly done when it leads us to follow Jesus with our whole heart and devote our lives to serving our King and blessing others.

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A Community of Support and Prayer

Veritas is not a church. We have over 70 different churches represented in the families of our student body. Our Statement of Faith is based on the doctrine that came out of the Protestant Reformation. So, while our teachers instruct according to that Statement of Faith, we have students from families that are Mennonite, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Messianic Jewish believers. While not a church, Veritas is a Christian Community and we strive to pray together, meet each others needs, encourage each other, and love one another.