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The curriculum at a classical Christian school is definitely unique. Here are some things parents often ask about our academics.

The academic program seems very rigorous. Will my child be able to keep up?

Veritas students and teachers know how to work hard AND play hard, and that hard work is done joyfully. The distinctive classical Christian education model helps students learn effectively and quickly, and because of our skilled teachers, small class sizes, and time-tested curriculum, Veritas students are usually ahead of their peers in what they’re learning. While we include plenty of recess time and fun, hands-on learning to help active kids channel their energy, the way in which they are taught naturally leads to more advanced and engaged learning.

Will my child have a lot of homework?

Veritas faculty and administrators highly value family life, and we want our students to fully enjoy time at home with family, with their church, with friends, and cultivating an array of hobbies and interests. As such, it is our policy to assign no homework to classes below fifth grade. Our guidelines for upper grades are:

  • 5th and 6th grade: no more than 30 minutes per night
  • 7th and 8th grade: no more than one hour per night
  • 9th through 12th grade: between one and two hours per night

Secondary school (7th-12th) students have the opportunity to select a study hall during their elective period to provide time to complete assignments during the school day.

How do you support students who are struggling academically?

Veritas has two in-house learning support teachers who work with teachers, administrators, and parents to identify students who are falling behind in certain subjects and to provide weekly academic support. We also offer supplemental reading and math support through the IU13, who test grammar school students yearly to identify students who would benefit from reading and math support. IU13 teachers meet with these students weekly to supplement their learning.

In upper school, we have a peer tutoring program that meets either after school or during lunch. Additionally, teachers are often glad to meet one on one to help their students thrive academically.

Do you have a program for advanced/gifted students?

Veritas Academy is by nature an academically rigorous school. Students who qualify for the gifted program at public schools find that they are appropriately challenged and engaged at Veritas. If a student is gifted beyond our pace in some area, Veritas works hard to be flexible and to enable students to whom God has gifted to grow that gifting in exceptional ways. We do not have a separate “gifted” program. In upper school, math courses are split into tracks that align with the student’s aptitude.

Do you offer AP courses?

All of Veritas Academy’s courses are taught at an honors level, with all students completing a curriculum that generally meets or exceeds typical AP standards. Many Veritas students choose to take AP exams, and they excel in those exams. Our administrators and board believe that advanced placement course objectives actually conflict with the highly rigorous, fully integrated curriculum at Veritas Academy.

If you wish to receive college credit in high school, several of our upper school classes qualify for a dual credit program through Cairn University, allowing students to get a head start on college credits while at Veritas.

Does your school have a college counselor? What services are provided?

Yes, we have an excellent, dedicated college counselor on staff who provides a comprehensive program. Students and parents work together to create individualized plans for the future. Our goal is to provide each student with the resources they need to navigate their own unique path to which God has called them. These resources include regular individual meetings, in-school and evening workshops and seminars, test preparation, scholarship application help, college major exploration, college rep in-school visits, and more.

School Culture

Life at Veritas has a distinct feel. Here are some aspects of our school days about which parents sometimes wonder.

Veritas is such a small school. Will my child fit in and feel welcomed?

On average, there are approximately 26 students per grade, and 17 students per class (with some grades split into two classes). While it is undeniably smaller than a typical school, most students easily assimilate into a comfortable and jovial camaraderie with their classmates and even students in other grades. Students often say that their class functions like a family. They quickly get to know each other and new students are warmly welcomed. It is difficult to “get lost” in a class with only 20 students, and strong lifelong relationships are built during a student’s time at Veritas!

My child has never worn a school uniform and doesn’t like the idea. How do students adjust to this?

There are definitely students who initially don’t like the idea of a uniform. However, most of them find that it is so nice to not have to make big decisions about clothing every morning. Parents and students find that it is less stressful and cost saving in the long run because students do not need a lot of variety in their wardrobe.

Do students have recess every day?

Recess is a treasured - and important - part of our school day! Grammar school students have two recess periods per day. Kindergarten through third grade have one 30-minute and one 15-minute recess. Fourth through sixth grade have two 15-minute recess periods. Additionally, secondary school has a 35-minute lunch period, which includes free time to play outside or gather in classrooms for conversation.

Unless the weather is raining or exceedingly cold, students go outside for recess and enjoy free play in our back field. In fact, in the winter, our back hill is excellent for sledding! It’s common for students to bring snow gear and sleds to enjoy this fun seasonal perk!

How is technology used at Veritas?

Our classrooms are relatively tech-free, and that is on purpose. For the most part, learning is accomplished through class discussion, books, board work, and writing. Cell phones are prohibited in the classrooms, cafeteria, and hallways; high school students must keep phone in their lockers for emergency or occasional use only. High school students may use laptops at the teacher’s discretion depending on the class requirements.

How is discipline handled?

Our Pastoral team consists of our Principal, Dean of Students, and Director of Counseling, who work together and with teachers to determine a student’s needs. We seek to ensure that all discipline adheres to biblical principals, with the ultimate goal of restitution, reconciliation, and redemption. Prayer - with teachers and with the student - is an integral part of this process. Bullying and disrespect are not tolerated, and we work to cultivate a Christ-centered culture of courtesy here. Our Parent-Student handbook outlines the steps disciplinary action for the various grade levels.

Extracurricular Programs

Wondering what opportunities your student will have to enrich their learning and pursue interests beyond the classroom? Find out here.

My child loves sports, but we’re concerned about the lack of opportunities at a small school like Veritas. What are your sports programs like?

Our school community is very enthusiastic about the sports that we do offer: boys’ middle school and varsity soccer, cross country, girls volleyball, and boys and girls basketball. The teams do well, but they are happy to have beginners join the teams. We also have a great cooperative agreement with Warwick so that our high school students can plan other sports (football, swimming, lacrosse, etc.) on the Warwick high school team. Several Veritas students have served as captains of these Warwick teams!

Will my child have the opportunity to learn to play a musical instrument at school?

We are proud of our exceptional orchestra program at Veritas. Our upper school orchestra consistently achieves superior rankings and accolades through PMEA, and students are not only inspired to excellence, but they have great fun doing it with our incredible Orchestra Director, Mrs. Jennifer Petry.

In third grade, every student gets the opportunity to try a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello or bass) in our String Explorers program as part of their music class curriculum. After third grade, students who wish to continue to play in the school orchestra must arrange for their own private lessons. Our orchestras meet to rehearse during the school day. In secondary school, orchestra is graded elective option.

Our orchestras perform at our Christmas and Spring concerts, and also have the opportunity to perform both for the public and our school community throughout the year at smaller events.

What fine arts opportunities do you provide?

Classical Christian education holds the arts in high esteem. As part of our in-school curriculum, all students in Kindergarten through 8th grade must participate in choir and art. Students in 9th - 12th grade may choose choir, Advanced Chamber Ensemble, and several visual art classes (drawing, mixed media, advanced art) as elective options.

Our drama program produces a full-length play or musical each spring. Recent past productions include The Wizard of Oz, Fiddler on the Roof, As You Like It, and Peter and the Starcatcher. Every two years, Veritas also puts on a holiday Madrigal Feast, an immersive, medieval themed dinner theater experience. Additionally, there is a Grammar School (4th-6th) grade drama club that produces a play in late winter.

Read more about Fine Arts at Veritas here.

Do you have after school clubs?

Some of the after school club options we offer include Chess Club, Taekwondo Club, Robotics Club, and Grammar School Drama Club. Read more about our organizations here.

Transferring to Veritas

Whether you’re considering a mid-year transfer, or you have an older student coming into Veritas Academy from either another school or homeschooling environment, you may be wondering how or if they will be able to assimilate into our classes. The good news is, we welcome new students every year in classes all the way from grammar school through high school! We hope these questions put your mind at ease.

Can my child transfer into Veritas after the school year has already begun?

Yes, we are happy to accept transfers through the first semester. We do require placement testing for all new students. We want to make sure that they are prepared to step right into their classes and thrive.

Is it possible for them to enter Veritas after their grade has already been learning Latin for years?

Yes! Although we feel that the study of Latin is very important, we recognize that most schools do not teach it. We are happy to arrange Latin tutoring during the summer so that your student will be ready to start. Students who enroll at Veritas in middle school do not have to take Latin course required for the rest of the class.

Is it possible for my student to enter Veritas in later grammar school if they have missed the history covered in the earlier grades?

Absolutely! Our teachers know that we have new students entering Veritas every year so they will not assume that everyone knows the history taught in earlier grades. In addition, grades 2-6 participate in Memory Period together every morning. It is a great time for them to learn history songs from all of the grades.

Can my child attend school for a full or partial day to get a feel for whether Veritas would be a good fit?

Yes! We are glad to welcome prospective students to spend a day at Veritas to get a feel for the school and get to know their potential classmates. This is generally permitted beginning in third grade. Contact Jill Trimbath, Director of Admissions, at jtrimbath@veritasacademy.com or (717) 205-3617 to arrange a day that works for your family.


Private school can seem like a daunting undertaking for parents. Don’t worry - you may be surprised that it is more accessible than you realized!

I just don't know how or if our family can afford private school. Will we be able to get assistance?

Over 50% of our families receive some form of financial aid. At Veritas, we don't want finances to be a hindrance to your child receiving an excellent, classical Christian education, and we desire to work with every family who wants to come here to make it work for your budget. You can apply for financial aid, even when you transfer mid-year. Find out more with our "Affording a Private School Ebook" here.

Veritas is located pretty far from my house. How do I deal with transportation?

Most of the public schools in the area provide bussing to Veritas (including Conestoga Valley, Manheim Township, Eastern Lancaster County, Cocalico, Lampeter Strasburg, School District of Lancaster, Warwick, Penn Manor, and Hempfield). About 50% of our students ride the bus every day. The rest are dropped off and picked up by parents, but many of them carpool. We are happy to help you find Veritas families who live near you if you would like to pursue carpooling options.

Is there an option to buy lunch at school?

We offer school lunches four days per week and the options are appealing to students. Currently, we have Subway on Mondays, Burgers on Tuesday, Chick Fil A on Wednesday, and Pizza on Thursdays. The options vary slightly each week, typically with one "constant" (like the Chick Fil A original sandwich, Italian sub, and cheese pizza), and one or two other options that may include sandwiches, salads, quesadillas, etc.

Careers & Staffing

We value our team of dedicated educators and staff who play a vital role in nurturing young minds with classical Christian education. Find information on career opportunities, application procedures, and our commitment to fostering an inspiring work environment where faith and knowledge thrive.

What clearances are required for school employees?

The following clearances are required for school employees:

  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check – PDE
  • Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form

How do I obtain these clearances?

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Download the form here.
  • Complete and submit to the school office for processing.
  • The certificate will be mailed to your home address listed on the application in about 3-4 weeks. Please remember to submit a copy to the school office when you receive it.

FBI Criminal Background Record Check – PA Dept. of Education

  • Contact Pam Carlson, pcarlson@veritasacademy.com, to get an NCAC (No Charge Authorization Code) to be used for payment purposes.
  • Go to https://uenroll.identogo.com to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. Enter 1KG6TR for the Service Code.
  • After you pre-enroll and schedule your appointment, take your Universal Enrollment ID (UE ID), No Charge Authorization Code (NCAC), and photo ID to the fingerprinting facility that you selected.
  • Submit the receipt that you should receive at the fingerprinting site to Pam Carlson, pcarlson@veritasacademy.com, so that she will have the necessary information to obtain the results online.

Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form

How much do the clearances cost?

Veritas Academy covers the cost for all school employees. Effective December 18, 2017, the cost of each of the clearances is:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check for volunteers ($8)
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance for volunteers ($22)
  • FBI Criminal Background Record Check – PDE ($22.60)

I already have my clearances. Will I need to get new ones?

Clearances are good for 60 months (5 years) from the effective date. You can submit your current clearances as long as they are less than five years old.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact employment@veritasacademy.com.