A Simple Method for Growing Young Leaders

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A Crucial Means of Discipleship

Since the early days of our school, we have established unique traditions for our students that serve as pillars in academy life. The Veritas House program aims to provide an environment of discipleship where students can support each other in prayer, spur each other on in their faith, and grow in their spiritual walks, with the guidance of their faculty advisors. Our Houses - Chesterton, Clairvaux, Euler, Francis, and Athanasius - meet each day for homeroom, devotions, prayer, and fellowship.

Meet Our Houses

Each of our Houses are named after a figure who shaped history for God’s glory. We want our students to learn and appreciate their House namesake’s contributions to the church and the world.

Chesteron House logo

Chesterton House

The Owl

Gilbert Keith Chesterton or G.K., was an essayist, novelist, poet, playwright, and humorist. Most importantly, though, he was a great Christian man whose legacy is a winsome, hearty, robust defense of the Christian faith. An inimitably witty Christian scholar famous for his pithy and memorable quotes, he once famously said: “The Christian ideal has not been tried and found wanting; it has been found difficult and left untried.”

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St. Francis House

The peacock

St. Francis of Assisi is known as the gentle-souled saint who preached to birds. He was, however, a quite complex man who was devoted, above all, to live a simple life in imitation to his blessed Savior. Francis not only committed himself to a life of poverty, but also to establishing an order that would turn from the worldly corruption of the later medieval church.

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Euler House

The Bear

Leonhard Euler was a Swiss mathematician, scientist, and philosopher who is widely considered one of the greatest mathematicians of all time. Despite his professional success and acclaim, he remained a devoted family man and Christian until the end of his life. Euler's life exemplifies a commitment to both academic excellence and faith in Christ.

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Clairvaux House

The griffin

St. Bernard was a passionate speaker who defended Christ's work in a debate, saying that he was made a sinner by Adam but made just by being washed in Christ's blood, not just by His words and example. He is famous for his mystical writings and for encouraging people to love God by deepening their relationship with Him.

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Athanasiua House

The caracal

Our newest House at Veritas Academy, Athanasius House was announced and established at the end of the 2022-2023 school year. Athanasius was a fearless leader and church father who fought against the Arian heresy, which denied the divinity of Christ. For this faithfulness, Athanasius was chased into the desert by the authorities many times. When told that the world opposed him, he retorted, “Athanasius contra mundum” (Athanasius against the world”).

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A Place to Grow Leaders

Jesus transformed 12 disciples into 12 apostles who changed the world, our house program aims to raise up the next generation of leaders who will mentor and guide younger students. Prospective house leaders undergo an application and interview process and are chosen by faculty advisors based on their leadership potential and commitment to training future leaders.

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Traditions that Imbue Meaning

Since our humble beginnings, we have established special traditions for our student - many of which are quirky, zany, and sometimes downright hilarious.  Our secondary students and houses are passionately committed to winning the Christus Rex (Christ the King) House Cup each year. Some of the competitions are intense, and other events are unusual—to say the least. A favorite example: on Shrove Tuesday (Fasnacht Day here in Lancaster County), our Houses continue the English tradition of having a Pancake Race in our back field.

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“Friendship improves happiness, and abates misery, by doubling our joys, and dividing our grief”

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Our Academic Difference

Classical Christian schools are highly valued by those who understand their potential, but often overlooked by others. Our school stands out because we start with different goals. Discover more about what sets our school apart.

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Meet Our Incredible Staff

Over the years, God has brought Veritas Academy incredibly gifted teachers who inspire the love of learning and help students reach their highest potential. Learn about them by exploring their profiles on our Faculty & Staff page.  

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Cultivating Students

We strive to develop students who not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success, but who are also filled with love and compassion for others, a desire to serve their community, and a knack for critical thinking.