Bus Drivers

April 16, 2024

Veritas is seeking individuals to drive our school busses for athletic practices, games, and field trips. We have both a short and full-sized school bus. If you do not already have the necessary certifications, we will cover your training costs to get certified.

This role is part-time, as needed.

Important Clearance Documents & Forms

According to Act 153, the following clearances are required for school employment:
Please contact Ginny Miller, our Executive Assistant, at (717) 556-0690 or gmiller@veritasacademy.com.

Employment FAQs

What clearances are required for school employees?

The following clearances are required for school employees:

  • PA State Police Criminal Record Check
  • PA Child Abuse History Clearance
  • FBI Criminal Background Check – PDE
  • Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form

How do I obtain these clearances?

PA State Police Criminal Record Check

PA Child Abuse History Clearance

  • Download the form here.
  • Complete and submit to the school office for processing.
  • The certificate will be mailed to your home address listed on the application in about 3-4 weeks. Please remember to submit a copy to the school office when you receive it.

FBI Criminal Background Record Check – PA Dept. of Education

  • Contact Pam Carlson, pcarlson@veritasacademy.com, to get an NCAC (No Charge Authorization Code) to be used for payment purposes.
  • Go to https://uenroll.identogo.com to pre-enroll and schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted. Enter 1KG6TR for the Service Code.
  • After you pre-enroll and schedule your appointment, take your Universal Enrollment ID (UE ID), No Charge Authorization Code (NCAC), and photo ID to the fingerprinting facility that you selected.
  • Submit the receipt that you should receive at the fingerprinting site to Pam Carlson, pcarlson@veritasacademy.com, so that she will have the necessary information to obtain the results online.

Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form

How much do the clearances cost?

Veritas Academy covers the cost for all school employees. Effective December 18, 2017, the cost of each of the clearances is:

  • Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Record Check for volunteers ($8)
  • Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance for volunteers ($22)
  • FBI Criminal Background Record Check – PDE ($22.60)

I already have my clearances. Will I need to get new ones?

Clearances are good for 60 months (5 years) from the effective date. You can submit your current clearances as long as they are less than five years old.

Who do I contact if I have questions?

Please contact employment@veritasacademy.com.

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