Preparing the Next Generation of Leaders

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Our Missional Burden

Without guidance, many young people struggle to deal with life's complexities, leaving them feeling lost and confused. They lack preparation for life and faith, leading to a lack of purpose in their own lives and communities. If we don't act, the consequences can be severe. So, to address these issues, we must equip young people with skills, values, and vision to lead fulfilling lives by providing tools to make informed decisions, think critically, and navigate the complexities of the world. We must help them develop a sense of purpose and direction rooted in faith and a shared vision. Investing in the next generation can ensure a bright and prosperous future for our society.

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Our Vision for Equipping Students to Thrive.

In 2021, Veritas Academy purchased the community municipal building from Upper Leacock Township, where we had been renting space since 1999. This acquisition provided us with additional space, which God has already filled with more students. Our mission to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students has now led us to focus on renovating our home to meet our evolving needs. This will enable us to continue shaping our students as they grow in their pursuit of truth, beauty, and goodness.

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Equipping a Generation to Impact our Community

Our goal is to impact the world one student at a time. We guide the hearts and minds of our students towards a life of faithful thriving by instilling a deep love for Christ and learning. God has met us in our passion and goals to serve him, and Veritas is now overflowing with students who are equipped to follow God's call to be loving, serving, and thinking individuals. Our mission is not to flee from culture but to prepare students to engage with it winsomely while standing joyfully for Christ.

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A Reimagined Space for An Incredible Education

The opportunity before us will provide Veritas Academy with a home that fits our programs and shapes our students, enabling us to deepen and grow the impact of our mission.

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Our Academic Difference

Classical Christian schools are highly valued by those who understand their potential, but often overlooked by others. Our school stands out because we start with different goals. Discover more about what sets our school apart.

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Meet Our Incredible Staff

Over the years, God has brought Veritas Academy incredibly gifted teachers who inspire the love of learning and help students reach their highest potential. Learn about them by exploring their profiles on our Faculty & Staff page.  

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Cultivating Students

We strive to develop students who not only possess the skills and knowledge necessary for success, but who are also filled with love and compassion for others, a desire to serve their community, and a knack for critical thinking.