Kindergarten at Veritas Academy

The first thing most kids notice - and run to - upon arriving in the Veritas Academy Kindergarten classroom is the massive, two-story castle in the back of the room. Complete with a pole to slide down, stuffed dragons, and armor, it sets the stage for some epic things to come in the year.


Percival the Boy Knight guides kids through phonics and reading, one of the primary academic focus points to get these five and six year olds ready for the world of reading and learning ahead of them. Special events, playtime, and reading time center around and in the castle together. And most importantly, the kids discover more about who they are as sons and daughters of the Most High King.


Children begin their mastery of Phonics in kindergarten. This method of teaching reading and spelling using vowel and consonant blends and phonetic rules helps students learn early how to rightly decode groups of letters into their respective sounds. Phonics is a proven method to efficiently achieve reading fluency, and the progression of books the children read give them plenty of practice on each particular sound. Plenty of interactive and fun activities are used to cement the learning and make it memorable.

In addition, children learn and practice good handwriting, helping to not only develop their fine motor skills, but also set the stage for an easier transition to cursive.


Some of the materials used in our Kindergarten reading curriculum include Bob Books; Veritas Press Phonics Museum; Sing, Spell, Read, Write, and First Favorites series. Classic children’s literature is read aloud to encourage a love of narrative, provide instant correction of phonic errors and measure comprehension.


Using the Saxon 1 math curriculum, kindergarteners learn to count to 100 (by ones, twos, fives, and tens), sort, compare sizes and shapes, make designs and patterns, and form numbers. They will also identify days of the week, tell time, do addition and subtraction with numbers 1-20. They'll complete worksheets and do plenty of hands-on problem solving in class to help them visualize and understand the concepts, along with chants, songs, and lots of repetition to make it fun and memorable.



Kindergarten begins their Veritas history and geography journey locally, spending the year finding out all about the fascinating history of Lancaster County! Using books like Old Lancaster, Amish ABC’s and other fiction and non fiction works, we introduce students to Lancaster history. Throughout the year, they discuss what makes our area unique, and the heritage that brought us to where we are today. Through it all, the kids are guided to see God's hand and sovereignty in history.


Bible is a sweet time for the kids and teachers in kindergarten, when Mrs. Lake reads from A Child’s Story Bible, and other biblical fiction and nonfiction books. This class goes through the Old Testament, learning the major stories and themes. Additionally, kids begin memorizing the Westminster Shorter Catechism to help them understand the doctrine behind our faith.

Singing Time

Each morning, the kindergarteners sing hymns, choruses, and favorite children's Bible songs with Mrs, Lake around the piano. On Fridays, first grade joins them for a full room of joyous singing. Often using fun motions to get their whole body engaged, it's a wonderful way to start their day together (and everyone loves hearing their adorable voices ringing through the hallways!).


Once a week, kindergarteners also participate in an art class with our Grammar School Art Teacher Mrs. Eberly and a music class with music teacher Miss Chodan.


  • Cherry Hill Orchards
  • Amish Farm and Village
  • Hans Herr House
  • Julius Sturgis Pretzel Bakery
  • Cookie Baking (Students go to volunteer parents' homes together to bake cookies and share with the class, making for a delicious math and reading lesson!)


  • Knighting Ceremony and Masquerade Party (children dress as knights and princesses and are "dubbed" by the Head of School with new, valiant names. Find out more about this fun tradition here.)
  • Tea Party (dressing in their "Sunday best" and exhibiting their best manners, kids enjoy a traditional tea party)
  • Graduation/Awards Ceremony (each child receives not only their kindergarten diploma, but also special awards recognizing their strengths and growth in academics and character over the year).

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Meet the Teacher

Jackie Lake

Mrs. Jackie Lake

B.A. Elementary Education, Asbury College
M.A. Elementary Education, Towson State University


Although I have had the opportunity to teach all the other grades, I love kindergarten because you can visually see all the progress they make from the time they enter kindergarten until they leave.  Most can not write their name properly, read stories, or do very much math other than counting when they begin the year.  At the end of the year, I can see how neat they can write as they learn to form sentences and then write paragraphs.  I can watch them sound out individual letters, then form blends, and finally whole words.  Before long they are reading books and even using expression in their reading by the end of the year.

They learn to add and subtract, do word problems, count money, identify shapes, tell time, recognize patterns, learn place value, read calendars by identifying days of the week, months of the year, and even seasons, measure with inches and centimeters, and so much more. 

They are always curious and eager to learn, they tell funny stories, they love playing with their friends, they love to sing and draw, and they love to pray and learn God's Word!  I look forward to seeing their smiles when they enter the room the first thing in the morning, and I look forward to their smiles and hugs as they leave each day! In between, they are anxious to soak up all the information that they can learn, tell you what is on their minds even in the middle of teaching a lesson, anxious to please friends and teachers, and they do it all with boundless energy! 

No two days are ever alike and when you watch and hear them sing songs to Jesus, they melt my heart and give me reason to go to "work" each day.  For all these reasons and more, I love my kindergartners and am privileged to have even a tiny little part in watching and helping them become the fine Christian young men and women that God has called them to be!

Jackie Lake, Kindergarten Teacher


In the words of a parent...

"In the months leading up to our Big School Decision I heard a podcast that addressed the "Great School Debate" and weighed the options facing parents today. The podcast described their experience with a small Christian school as “a warm hug.” As the mom of a six year old introvert with a strong desire to be with his parents all hours of the day, the idea of school being a “warm hug” was intriguing to me.

From the moment I first observed the Veritas kindergarteners singing “Holy, Holy, Holy” on my first tour of the school, I knew this was the environment I wanted for my son. The structure, the excellent education, the emphasis on manners, and the solid Biblical worldview had me at hello.

Knowing the teachers are not only the emotional version of a warm hug, but a spiritual one, too, helps me to rest a little easier. I can walk down the hall after kindergarten drop-off with confidence knowing my child is seen, cared for, prayed over, and loved.

And when he needs it, hugged."

Michelle S., Veritas Parent

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