Second Grade at Veritas Academy


Get ready to begin an epic journey through world and Bible history, beginning with Creation. Second grade is when the Classical distinctives really pick up momentum, as students will begin not only the study of Latin, but also the progression of their history, biblical, and cultural studies that will take them through all of Western history for the next five years.

Don't be surprised if your Veritas second suddenly develops a fascination with ancient Egypt and begins spouting off impressive knowledge of Old Testament timelines and stories. After all, when they walk into their classroom each day, they get to transported back to the land of Pharaohs and deserts, patriarchs and promises. Welcome to the wonder and joy of second grade at Veritas!



Using the Veritas Press History Cards and Song, second graders begin with Creation and continue through the rise and fall of the ancient Egyptian civilization. They delight in reciting their extensive knowledge using their active history song, which describes all 32 events they cover throughout the year. Crafts, stories, videos, and more supplement their learning, as they make Egyptian crowns, chariots, pyramids, and more. Of course, there's a pyramid in the classroom for some extra cozy playtime and reading time! Their year-end field trip to the University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology Egypt exhibit is the icing on the cake for these knowledge-hungry ancient history buffs.

Geography covers the continent of Africa. Children learn about the countries using songs, one region at a time. By the time they graduate second grade, they can identify every nation (and capital) of Africa on a blank map!



Our second grade Bible curriculum uses the Veritas Press Bible Cards, taking kids from the book of Genesis through Joshua, supplemented with A Child’s Story Bible, and other biblical fiction and nonfiction books. During the year we build a timeline of biblical events covered in these books of scripture, and students are able to tie in what happened in Egyptian history at the same time major Biblical events were occurring.




In second grade, we enjoy so many classic children's books including, Boxcar Children, Little House in the Big Woods, Little House on the Prairie, Pinocchio, Velveteen Rabbit, Railway Children, Ugly Duckling, Winnie the Pooh, and more! During literature time, students snuggle up in the cozy reading area at the back of the room, taking turns reading aloud and discussing the stories with one another and their teacher. Of course, crafts, special treats and activities supplement the readings.



We use Shurley Grammar Level 2 in second grade. Our goal in is to provide understanding of basic rules of spelling and language while students develop the ability to write using basic techniques and tools. Students will  learn to write paragraphs and short essays using keyword outlines, and continue studies on proper sentence and paragraph structure.





In second grade we begin cursive handwriting instruction, and formulate the ability to put thoughts into words. We will also learn to connect cursive letters in words and sentences.

Spelling is taught in a way that is pattern-driven (sound, structure and meaning) in a sequential and systematic way. Challenge words are optional for students who want to learn as much as the can.



In math, we use the Saxon 3 curriculum. Students learn addition with trading, subtraction across zeros, multiplication, finding the value of an x factor, and introduction to division. With fast paced games, flash cards, and joyful instruction, students progress through increasingly complex concepts with excitement.



We begin our Latin journey using School Song Latin I & II. Second grade provides an intro to Latin, alphabet sounds, counting, and introductory vocabulary, often using songs and chants to aid in learning. Children receive CDs with Latin songs to take, parents, get ready to learn basic Latin along with your second grader!



Once per week, second graders have a music class and choir class with music teacher Miss Chodan, an art class with grammar school art teacher Mrs. Eberly, and science with Miss Esbenshade, a favorite subject of many students where they'll get to do small experiments and explore natural science and basic biology and ecology.


  • ZooAmerica
  • University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
  • The Biblical Tabernacle Reproduction


  • Egyptian Feast
  • Making Pharoah Menes Crowns, Clay Towers of Babel, Milly-Molly-Mandy "lid potatoes", Hyksos chariots, and more.

Step Into the Second Grade Classroom:

Meet the Teacher


Deb Chapin

B.S. Education, Messiah College
M.A. Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary


I love teaching second grade because the children have learned how to read and are ready to have the world opened up to them. With wonder they learn about ancient Egypt, pyramids, hieroglyphs, and mummies! 


Miss Chapin is a very kind teacher. I love singing the songs and chants for grammar, history, and Bible. The skip counting songs in math are fun and it feels almost like it’s recess. In literature we go to the back of the room and sit on benches, couches, and pillows on the floor. We take turns reading the best books and stories!  I love second grade! 

Adeline M.

 My favorite thing about second grade was learning about ancient Egypt! It was so cool and it made me want to become an archaeologist and discover ancient things. Our field trips and Egyptian Feast were awesome.

Ben B.