Sixth Grade at Veritas Academy

6th Grade6

Sixth grade history covers the time period from the 1800's to modern America. We will look at many historical events through stories, field trips, and activities listed below.



In history we continue using Veritas Press History (Modern) cards and read through various historical fiction books including A History of US by Joy Hakim, American Tall Tales and more. In geography we review the states and capitals of the United States. We also study the states in major rivers and mountains of Mexico, Central and South America, the Caribbean islands and the Pacific Islands. This corresponds nicely to our study of history.



In Bible we use Veritas Press Bible (Acts-Revelation), along with students' Bibles and the Journey Through the Bible reference books. Along with important Biblical events, students will dive into theological and spiritual truths, discuss eschatology, and end their Grammar School studies with a full breadth of scriptural knowledge, having begun their study of Genesis in second grade and continuing through Revelation at the end of sixth. Bible teaching time includes research work by small groups and individuals on specific projects; integration with art, geography, history, and music; building models, making drawings, writing stories, and other creative activities; and guest speakers



The focus of literature is to expose students to great stories that have stood the test of time while exploring themes of character courage and God’s light in the world. Books such as Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling, and The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom give plenty of material for discussion. In an effort to prepare the students for secondary school, they will be assigned independent reading homework a few nights per week. There will be comprehension worksheets and oral quizzes based on these reading assignments. Students are developing the ability to read quickly, yet comprehensively.

In sixth grade, students will study vocabulary based on Latin and Greek roots. The study increases not only the vocabulary, but their ability to detect the meaning of new words based on their roots, prefixes, suffixes. Students will be responsible for the spelling, meaning, and correct usage of the routes in the vocabulary words.



Grammar continues with the Shirley method, reviewing and reinforcing the concepts already learned, including: sentence forms, parts of speech, phrases, and closets. Grammar is the basis for good writing, which is a favorite subject for many students.

During the year we work hard to make the connections between English and Latin grammar, and between grammar and writing application.

The third and fourth quarters we get into newer and more difficult material including clauses, phrases, and various aspects of tenses.



First quarter is devoted to learning the structure of various types of written communication, including sentences, paragraphs, essays, and narratives.

During the second quarter, the students focus on reviewing the information learned in the first quarter and applying it to research reports and presentations to the class.

In the third quarter we review our essay structure, writing pieces that have to do with our study of history, as well as short pieces to incorporate the new concepts learned in grammar.

The fourth-quarter is devoted to reading, studying, and writing forms of poetry. We use “the grammar poetry” curriculum which covers many figures of speech(tropes) while practicing our skills writing several poems in our own Iambic, trochic, anapestic, and dactylic meter.



The sixth-grade math curriculum uses the McDougal Littell Pre-Algebra textbook. The sixth graders will gain a strong foundation in algebra being able to understand how to solve equations, multi-step equations, and inequalities. They will also be prepared for the future study of geometry, probability, and data analysis.  An emphasis will be placed on God’s design in mathematics and connections will be made with real-world applications to God’s creation. 



This year in Latin students work through Latin Alive! Book I. They will review grammar from previous years in more detail, and paying more attention to syntax. Learn new genitive, dative, accusative and ablative case uses. Students will work on their reading comprehension by reading Latin passages..

Sixth Grade Special Events

DSC00487Field Trips

Civil War Museum, Harrisburg

Strasburg railroad, Strasburg PA

Franklin Institute, Philadelphia PA

Washington DC 

Special Events

Southwest Fest
Students celebrate the culture of the American southwest as they learn about The Alamo, The War with Mexico, and Cowboys.

USA cake

6th Grade Classroom Slideshow:

Meet the Teacher


Mrs. Kristin Pottiger

6th Grade

Kristin Potteiger is a graduate of Millersville University (BSE - History) and Wilkes University (Masters in Education). She was raised in Berks County and attended Muhlenberg School District.  After working as a 7th-grade history teacher in the Governor Mifflin School District for 16 years and serving as both the middle school history department head and team leader, she retired from teaching in 2018 in order to work with her husband at their tree nursery and landscape company, Potteiger Farms LLC.

After hiring some additional workers for the family business, Kristin decided to get back into teaching, though you may still see her in muck boots at the tree nursery or riding around on a lawnmower in order to help out when she can.

She is a member of the Society for Classical Learning (SCL) and an affiliate member of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS).

She and her husband have two children, Luke (9) and Lily (7).  Luke currently attends Veritas Academy while their daughter, Lily, who has Down syndrome, attends a special education program at their local public school.  Kristin and her family attend St. Michael's Church in Hamburg, PA. She enjoys singing, reading, quilting, and gardening and is absolutely thrilled to be able to teach at a school where she is allowed to bring her faith openly into the classroom with her.



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