A Force for Change: Classical Christian Grads Become Influencers

June 18, 2020

“I really don't like Christian education.”

This line has surprisingly been uttered by a number of people connected with Veritas Academy—donors, supporters, and parents.

Then, they often add, “but I really like Veritas.”

This sort of clash of logic initially bothered me, but as I searched my own heart, I discovered that it echoes that sentiment.

Why didn’t I like Christian education…and why do I love Classical Christian education?

For me, the answer is illuminated by the stark contrast in the Influencer graph from the Good Soil Report. What sometimes bothers me about some forms of Christian education is the tendency to want to become a “holy huddle” of people who, with the best of intentions, try to take shelter from the world rather than transform it and confront the evil and injustice in it. Sometimes it can also tend to elevate compliance and unthinking dogmatism to the highest virtue.

I was not interested in that as a student and I am even less interested in it for my children. I want them to be engaged, passionate, and convinced that they have both an opportunity and a responsibility to wade into the dark corners of the world and bring light and justice to them. I want them to be knowledgeable about the many perspectives of people in our world, and to be able to participate in important and difficult conversations without withering, as a voice bringing clarity, respect, love, and truth to the table.


That is why I love Classical Christian education! I felt like it did just that.

The Good Soil Report category  "Influencers" proves that what I have been feeling over the years is born out in real data.

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So, if you are like me, and you dislike an education that teaches students to tolerate injustice and engenders apathy, then you need to understand what went into this data. (If you are coming into this series with this post, please explore this Guide to Reading the Good Soil Report Data here, and the first post in the series here.)

This data records the responses of Classical Christian students along with the other options (public school, non-religious private school, Catholic school, Evangelical Christian School, and Homeschool) concerning whether they believe that they can impact the world and what sort of impact they feel called to make. There are three particular outcomes I want to point out.

Outward Focus

Instead of being in a “holy huddle,” Classical Christian alumni are convinced that they can make an impact in the world. They end up building relationships with influential people and volunteering at a much higher rate than the other options (at a staggering 88%). It is noteworthy that this volunteering does not include work that they do for the churches they attend. Here is the graph of that individual question:

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Graduates of classical Christian schools are more engaged in solving the problems of culture than any other option!

Standing for Truth

What is even more encouraging is what they are standing for. Too often in our society, Christians are portrayed as being people who care more for their own prosperity and creature comforts and who tend to ignore the injustice and wrongs of society. The reason that this slander sticks is that it is sometimes true!

That is what is so great about students trained in a Classical Christian environment. They are more committed to dealing with the real problems and real injustices of the real world. Here is the graph:

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This is why I love Classical Christian education. Its graduates are the most committed to taking action when they see wrong and injustice happening in society. All of other options rate between 28% and 24%, while the Classical Christian alumni answer in the affirmative 45% of the time.

On a Firm Foundation

The final important point to consider, one that I will delve into more in the next post, is that this commitment to engage with culture and take action does not often pull Classical Christian alumni away from their faith; instead, they see this as the normal outcome of their Christian beliefs and practices. They believe the gospel AND they see its implications to stand for truth and justice in the real world.

After reviewing this data, I was so encouraged, and I hope that you are too. I love Classical Christian education even more because that feeling that I had—that reason that I loved it far more than other types of Christian education—was confirmed. I want my daughters to love Christ and to work to make the world a better reflection of His love. I want them to see the darkness and invade it instead of running from it. I want them to stand for the powerless and to labor for justice for the mistreated. This data points to the fact that ACCS graduates do just that!

If you're looking for a school that will not only provide an exceptional academic experience, but also support your family in discipling your child into a person who is an influencer for the good of God's kingdom, we invite you to visit Veritas Academy! We'd love to meet you and show you how we cultivate loving, serving, thinking students who are equipped with truth, beauty, and goodness for Christ's calling.


Or, join us for our next VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSE on Thursday, July 9, where you can meet teachers, administrators, and students and personally learn more about this unique school.


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