Serving: How School Can Prepare Kids To Be The Hands & Feet of Christ

May 28, 2020

This is part two of a three-part blog series examining what it means for a school to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students. To read part one on how a school can work to develop a love for God, for others, and for learning in kids, click here.

"It's MINE!"

"I was here FIRST!"

"That's not fair!"

"Why did she get a bigger piece?!"

Whether you're a parent currently in the weeds of raising young kids, or you've come out the other side, surely you have navigated these protests all too often with your kids.

Then, as they grow into adolescence and their teenage years, many parents might be sighing with frustration as you remind your kids AGAIN to clean up their messes, to pitch in a helping hand instead of lazing about, to hold their tongue and stop speaking and acting as if the sun, moon, and stars are theirs to command.

Through it all, when we see that flesh nature of selfishness arise in our kids, as parents we strive to point them toward humility, toward a heart of serving, of kindness. We look for ways to show them the needs that are ever-present around them, to open their eyes to ways they can be a force for healing in a world that needs the hope and love of Christ. We pray for and with them, that God would put His spirit within them and, with it, His heart for the lost.

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And we rejoice when we see that spirit shine forth in acts of selflessness and love. When they proactively, even quietly, step up in big and small ways to meet a need - not because they were asked to, but because they saw an opportunity to help and took it with a heart of love.

As a school, Veritas Academy wants to do more than just fill our students' minds with knowledge. We want to partner with parents and the church to fill their hearts with Christ, so that their lives reflect His truth and love as they grow and go forth. Hence our mission to cultivate loving, serving, thinking students.

Let's look together at how the culture and community at Veritas works to develop students who serve well for life.


When he had washed their feet and put on his outer garments and resumed his place, he said to them, “Do you understand what I have done to you? You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another's feet. - John 13:12-14

Serve God

A Veritas graduate serves the kingdom of God through engagement in their local communities and churches.

We see the body of Christ - his church - as a priority in our families' and our graduates lives. We exist to support the church in its work of discipling and raising up a generation who is committed to Christ and effective in his work.

Throughout their time at school, Veritas students are given opportunities to serve our community and advance Christ's kingdom, from our annual Serve-a-Thon, to mission trips, to community projects developed by our Service elective. We want students to be able to see the needs of the world around them and pursue God's heart for the hurting and needy.  

Serve Others

A Veritas graduate serves classmates, teachers, and the Veritas community through Christ-like servanthood.

We believe service isn't limited to big, outside-out-walls missions. It begins by serving our neighbors, the very people with whom we share our classrooms and lives daily. The protocol to which we hold our students means that they treat one another with honor and respect, and seek ways to help one another, even when it means sacrificing their own convenience. While we look to call out exceptional examples of this in our students throughout the year, we aim to keep this atmosphere the "norm" through our school. A lifestyle of service, beginning at the simplest level.

Steward Their Gifts

A Veritas graduate develops God-given talents and abilities for future service and leadership in Christ’s kingdom.

By centering each subject on God's word and showing students how to uncover his truth, and by equipping them to articulate this knowledge skillfully and thoughtfully, we train these young men and women to take the knowledge they are given and use it for the good of the Gospel.


Beyond the purely academic subjects, in placing an emphasis on the importance of the fine arts through graduation, we desire to help students tap into their gifts and talents and discover ways to serve God's purposes. Whether through extracurricular activities from sports to chess to robotics, or in choir, orchestra, theater, or visual arts, we provide students avenues through which they can develop their gifts, and cultivate a heart in them to use those gifts to the glory of God - Soli Deo Gloria!

Tomorrow, we'll finish up our series with the final post on "Thinking." Stay tuned!

If you're looking for a school that not only provides a rich and rigorous education, but also truly partners with your family to raise up kids who live out their faith with truth, love, and wisdom, then we think you would love being part of the Veritas Academy community. We welcome you to visit us (virtually, for now!) for a virtual tour. We'd love to meet you!


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