A Bonus Poetry Reading: Three Favorite Poems To Enchant Your Soul

Season 1
January 18, 2023

Leslie Bustard, our previous episode's guest, shares three of her favorite poems with us, each unique in its own wonderful way. Take a moment to indulge in a little poetry today with Leslie and Ty, and allow these works to help you see the world (and the Lord) with fresh eyes.

If you enjoyed this episode and our previous interview with Leslie on loving poetry, you'll enjoy Square Halo Books' upcoming conference Ordinary Saints - Creativity, Collaboration, and Community coming up on February 17-18, 2023 at the Trust Performing Arts Center in Lancaster. Veritas Academy is a sponsor of this event, which promises to be an enjoyable and inspiring time!

Poems in this episode:

Luci Shaw, The Meaning of Grass (From The Generosity

Seamus Heany, Postscript (From 100 Poems)

Malcolm Guite, The Church's Banquet (From After Prayer)

Also referenced: Malcolm Guite, Sounding the Seasons


About Our Guest

Leslie Anne Bustard lives in a century-old row home in Lancaster City with her husband Ned and her two dogs, Pevensie and Milly-Molly-Mandy. They are the parents of three grown daughters. After years of homeschooling, classroom teaching, and producing high school and children’s theater, Leslie now fills her time writing and caring for loved ones. Her most perfect day would be walking somewhere in Northern Ireland where she could, in one day, traverse with Ned over green fields and farmers’ lanes, through breeze-kissed woods, and over rocks and sandy beaches.

Wild Things and Castles in the Sky: A Guide to Choosing the Best Books for Children, co-edited with daughter Carey and friend Théa Rosenburg, was published through Square Halo Books in April 2022. Her second book The Goodness of the Lord in the Land of Living: Selected Poems will be published in 2023.  As vice president of Square Halo, Leslie has developed and hosted their podcast series The Square Halo, as well as planned their conferences. Leslie is a contributor at The Black Barn Online, Story Warren, Anselm Society, and Calla Press. She also shares on her website PoeticUnderpinnings.com.

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