A Low-Tech Education: How the Minimal Use of Technology in Classrooms Can Be a Great Thing

Season 3
October 10, 2023

At Veritas Academy, we read books. We use chalkboards. We sit around tables with students and have in-depth discussions.

We get our Grammar School students to retain information by moving and shouting to chants and songs. We write essays - with pencils and paper. And we require all high school students' phones to remain in their lockers for the duration of the school day.

Veritas - like most classical Christian schools around the country - is decidedly a "low-tech" kind of school.

Are we doing our children a disservice by sending them into a high-tech world woefully unprepared to use the latest technology?

In this podcast, Head of School Ty Fischer begs this question to our guests - Graham Dennis, Veritas Dean of Students, and John Hayward, Veritas alumni, former Upper School Dean at Covenant Christian Academy in Harrisburg, and senior pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church.

Their discussion leads to the resounding conclusion that, no, we most certainly are not impeding our children's ability to thrive in our modern world by limiting their use of technology. In fact, the opposite holds true: we are uniquely preparing them to flourish in their careers, communities, and families by cultivating virtues and skills that many of their peers may sorely be missing.

Listen in to get some thoughtful perspectives, and be inspired on the benefits of a low-tech education!

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About our Guests

Graham Dennis

Dean of Students, Upper School Humane Letters Teacher, Middle School Boys Soccer Coach

John Hayward

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