Advent Series: Why Celebrate Advent (and How Your Family Can Honor This Season)?

Season 1
November 23, 2022

Graham Dennis, Veritas Dean of Students, leads us in this first installment of our special five-episode Advent series.

Even as our days grow shorter and darker, our anticipation of the Christmas holiday season grows. Your family is probably already making preparations for Christmas - planning get togethers, gift lists, travel, and activities. Taking time to intentionally observe Advent (and some of its related traditions) can help your family sacralize the time leading up to Christmas and bring a greater joy in your hearts around celebrating the incarnation of Christ.

In this episode, Graham addresses a few questions to help us understand why we should celebrate Advent, what Advent actually is, and how celebrating it can benefit our families.

The following four episodes, released weekly through December 20, will each cover a different aspect of Advent for you to contemplate and celebrate together.


Here are some helpful links to resources Graham mentions in this podcast, all from a previous Veritas blog post on Advent ideas:

Advent Devotionals

Jesse Tree

Advent Calendar

Advent Candle

To read our complete Veritas blog post on Why We Celebrate Advent (& 10 Ways to Honor This Season With Your Family), click here.

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