Characteristics of a Cultural Revolution

Season 3
March 5, 2024

Dr. Weiling He, whose family was part of the Veritas Academy school community last year while she was on sabbatical from her position as a professor of architecture at Texas A & M, describes her family's experience living in China during the cultural revolution from 1966-1976.

In her conversation with our host and Head of School Mr. Ty Fischer, she offers not only harrowing stories from her parents' and grandparents' lives through her home country's upheaval, but also a word of caution to us in America. Her story and observations cause us to consider the markings of cultural revolution that are popping up in the Western world today, and the importance of keeping healthy debate and discourse alive in our schools, media, and culture.

View her PowerPoint with photos and quotes from Lawrence Liu's memoir Under The Scorching Sun (referenced in the podcast) here:

⁠Weiling He Cultural Revolution PowerPoint

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