Deep and Wide: A Veritas Graduate Displays the Life-Equipping Breadth of a Classical Education

Season 2
May 3, 2023

She's a gifted artist and musician who is pursuing a medical degree, wrote her senior thesis on a controversial gene editing technology, loves history, and talked effortlessly about Dostoevsky on national television last year.

Veritas 2022 graduate Sarah Jacob is our guest this week, and while her resume snapshot above may seem astonishing, she is one incredible example of how a classical Christian education forms well-rounded, well-equipped students. Her conversation with Mr. Fischer will give you a first-hand glimpse at the merit of a robust liberal arts education that gives students not only an impressive array of skills to serve them for a lifetime, but a vibrant appreciation for a range of subjects that help them be better citizens and disciples of God's kingdom.

If you're considering what type of school you want for your child, or you're a current Veritas parent who'd like to see what the "endgame" might be for your child's education, or you're an educator considering the goal of your school, you will enjoy hearing from this delightful Veritas alum. An 18-year-old who is just as comfortable conversing about great literature and world history as she is about bioethics? That's part of what makes classical Christian school graduates so uniquely prepared not just for a career, but for life.

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