Economics to the Glory of God: David Bahnsen on Teaching Kids the Dignity of Work

Season 2
February 8, 2023

David Bahnsen - portfolio manager, author, television commentator, and host of the Dividend Cafe podcast - joins our host Ty Fischer to talk about how we can and should view economics in light of God's plan and glory, and why work is something we should lead our children toward embracing as they live their lives as image bearers of a creative, productive God. The son of the late theologian Greg Bahnsen, David approaches the topic of economics from a unique and biblical perspective that will help you understand today's issues with a new, godly mindset.

Find more about David at the links below:

The Dividend Cafe Podcast 

The Bahnsen Group Investment Firm and Financial Planners

There's No Free Lunch: 250 Economic Truths (David's most recent book)

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