Faith to Face the Abyss: A Veritas Alum's Story

Season 1
August 10, 2022

Parents all across the country and within our local school community are gearing up to take their young adult children off to college soon. It's a tumultuous time in anyone's life, and we all hope that our kids can hold fast to the faith they've built while they've been home. This week on our podcast, Veritas alumna Victoria DeWeese talks with Ty Fischer about a particularly turbulent experience she had years ago while attending the University of Virginia, and how that season in her life both rocked and shaped her faith, bringing her to where she is now. The conversation will help enlighten you as to how a classical Christian education, like the one here at Veritas, can help provide students with a strong foundation for their faith in Christ so that they can be better prepared to handle the inevitable rocky paths that lie ahead.

Victoria graduated from Veritas Academy in 2013, studied systems engineering at University of Virginia, and now works as a software engineer. She lives in Lancaster County with her husband and young son. Victoria's mother, Mrs. Rhonda Forbes, is a longtime math and Omnibus teacher at Veritas Academy.

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