Hot Button Topics for High School Students: The Strawbridge Discussion Series

Season 3
April 16, 2024

"You talked about WHAT at your Christian school?!"

At first glance, that may be a question many would ask us at Veritas, at least when it comes to a program designed for our Rhetoric students called the Strawbridge Discussion Series.

You may not expect a school like ours to host speakers who advocate for things like gender fluidity, critical race theory, deconstruction of the Christian faith, and so on.

But we know that your children, once they leave the confines of your home, church, and this Christian school - whether in a summer job, college, or their career in the great wide world - will encounter people who espouse these ideas and more. And this program, as a key part of a classical Christian education, helps to prepare them for those important conversations now.

Named after our dear friend, pastor, and theologian Dr. Gregg Strawbridge who passed away in 2022, the mission of the Strawbridge Discussion Series is to expose students to worldview perspectives in direct opposition to those embraced by Veritas Academy. Our goal is to do so in a unique and authentic manner, allowing individuals who hold to such views to come and speak at the school.

Students will not only learn about these perspectives, but also witness a gracious manner of public discourse, in the same manner that Gregg Strawbridge so aptly modeled in his lifetime.

Hear from Head of School Ty Fischer, Dean of Students Graham Dennis, and Dean of Humane Letters Bruce Etter more on our heart behind this program, what it looks like to teach students to engage in respectful and gracious discourse, and how parents can help prepare your children to encounter different worldviews with wisdom, grace, and truth.

About our Guests

Graham Dennis

Dean of Students, Upper School Humane Letters Teacher, Middle School Boys Soccer Coach

Bruce Etter

Dean of Humane Letters, Upper School Humane Letters Teacher

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