How a Veritas Education Prepared Me for the Workforce: Two Alumni Who Took the Career-First Route

Season 3
November 8, 2023

Our previous episode focused on helping families and students prepare for college - financially, academically, mentally, and more. And while a large majority of Veritas students do go on to get a college degree right after graduation, there are some who opt to go straight into the workforce - and they find that they thrive!

This week, meet Veritas alumni Caleb Ploutz (class of '17) and Clay Martin ('18). These gentlemen opted not to go the college route but rather begin pursuing a career right out of high school, and they share not only how this decision has blessed them, but also how specifically the type of classical education they received at Veritas helped to set them up to succeed in the workforce.

With all the talk of Great Books, philosophy, advanced math, and liberal arts that one may encounter in classical Christian education circles, it may be easy to think that these schools are nothing more than college prep academies, preparing kids to excel in higher learning. And while it is true that the culture and coursework at classical Christian schools like Veritas uniquely equip students to do well in college, the truth is that our goal is to educate the WHOLE person not just for college, but for life. To help them to grow in leadership and wisdom, as loving, serving, thinking people. Caleb and Clay's story illuminates just how that has played out in real life with two people who still see the benefits of their Veritas education in their lives and jobs today.

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