Kindergarten Readiness: What Parents Need to Know, From Our Kindergarten & PreK Teachers

Season 3
January 23, 2024

"Is my child going to be ready for kindergarten?"

It's a concern we hear from many parents as they begin their process of enrolling their child in Veritas Academy's K-12 school. And while we understand the anxiety that can accompany your first foray into elementary school and beyond, we hope this podcast helps to put your mind at ease!

Hear from our Veritas Preschool Director Meghan Lake and our two kindergarten teachers, Jackie Lake (Meghan's mom) and Laurie Conrad, on:

  • What they look for in students when deciding if they're ready for kindergarten
  • What parents can do to help their child get ready for kindergarten
  • What a day in the life of a kindergartener looks like at Veritas Academy
  • And more!

This episode will not only give you some helpful insight on kindergarten readiness, but also help you get to know our early education faculty and their philosophies, styles, and priorities in teaching!

About our Guests

Meghan Lake

Preschool Director, Pre-K Teacher

Jacqueline Lake


Laurie Conrad

Kindergarten Teacher

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