Lessons From the Beginnings of Classical Christian Education

Season 2
June 28, 2023

This episode is a special treat for anyone who either loves classical Christian education, or is fascinated by its rise in popularity, or even someone who is just learning about this unique and wonderful movement in Christian education.

Take a journey back to the very beginning of this era of classical Christian education as we know it - 40 years ago in Moscow, Idaho - with a man who has been instrumental in its founding and growing. Tom Garfield was the first headmaster of the Logos School, which itself was the first American classical Christian school and which started the avalanche of this movement spreading around the nation. A founding board member of the Association for Classical and Christian Schools, and current Dean of Academics at Veritas Press Scholars Academy, his stories and insights will give you a new appreciation for God's hand at work in classical Christian education over the years.

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