Preparing Your Child (and Family) For College: Advice From A College Counselor

Season 3
October 24, 2023

It's a daunting prospect for many families of high schoolers: the college search process.

Is college the right choice for your child? What type of college will suit them best? How should they go about choosing a major? What if they don't know what career field they want to pursue? How big of a deal are standardized tests? And, of course, how will your family afford the college of your choice?

So many questions and big life decisions surround this process, and our School Counselor and College Counselor Rachel Kiehl has some simple, practical, and hopefully even soothing advice for parents who are starting to think about those next steps beyond high school.

Rachel talks with our Head of School Ty Fischer about common pitfalls she has seen parents and students encounter in the college and career search, answers common questions, and provides advice on how and when they can start shoring up resources for this investment.

Even if you have younger children, this episode will be insightful and give you food for thought, with plans you can put into action now to save you later stress. For families with high schoolers, you will surely find this episode useful on many fronts to help you navigate the college and career search process with your child.

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