Reading Great Books is a Staple to a Great Education: Here's Why We Love to Read

Season 3
February 6, 2024

This episode will have you both laughing AND making a dash for the bookshelf or library to start digging into your literature bucket list!

Join this lively bunch - Veritas Head of School Ty Fischer, Principal Dr. Dan Spanjer, Dean of Humane Letters Bruce Etter, and Dean of Students Graham Dennis - as they examine how and why a Great Books education enriches the lives of students now and into adulthood.

Why do classical Christian schools like Veritas spend so much time reading - not just textbooks, but novels, poetry, epics, and more? What benefit can there be for students, and for parents who choose to pick up the great works of literature that have shaped societies of bygone eras - and today?

This conversation will enlighten and inspire you, and help you get to know the jovial spirits of some of the leaders of our school, who are passionate about discipline our youth and revealing God's truth through the ages and through the lens of great writers.

Links to select resources and books mentioned:

⁠The Alyosha Society⁠ (adult book club led by Bruce Etter)

⁠Master and Commander by Patrick O'Brien⁠

⁠The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol⁠

⁠Flannery O'Connor: The Complete Stories⁠

⁠The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle⁠

⁠George McDonald books

About our Guests

Bruce Etter

Dean of Humane Letters, Upper School Humane Letters Teacher

Daniel R. Spanjer


Graham Dennis

Dean of Students, Upper School Humane Letters Teacher, Middle School Boys Soccer Coach

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