Season 2 Launch, Reveal, and Panel: Cultivating an Educated Citizen

Season 2
January 25, 2023

Our Season 2 Pilot Episode is a live recording from this past weekend's Launch Party, which featured a panel discussion with some of our guests who are joining us this upcoming season. Listen in to hear:

  • A reveal of our exciting and diverse season two episodes
  • Insightful and entertaining discussions on why we read "dead people," why education should help students grow to not be "one-topic people," why Tolkein and Lewis are so wonderful, what it means to value the "pre-political," and more
  • A clip about courage and truth from of one of our most anticipated episodes for this season featuring renowned legal scholar Dr. Robert P. "Robby" George
  • A conversation about what it means to cultivate a "well-educated citizen" through education

Panelists include:

  • Ty Fischer, Cultivate host and Veritas Head of School
  • Graham Dennis, Cultivate co-host and Veritas Dean of Students
  • Dan Spanjer, Veritas Principal
  • Rhonda Forbes, Veritas Dean of Math and Science
  • Leslie Bustard, author and vice president of Square Halo Books

About our Guests

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