Sensing God's Calling: From Academia to the Pulpit, A Veritas Alum's Wisdom on Discerning Gifting and Paths

Season 2
May 17, 2023

It's graduation season, a time rife with not only excitement and anticipation, but also apprehension about next steps - for young adults stepping out into college or careers, and for their parents who look ahead to an uncertain future.

2008 Veritas Academy graduate John Hayward joins Ty Fischer this week to share his story and insight that will help assuage our stress over whether we (or our children) are truly following God's calling on our lives. Come along on his journey from being a classical Christian school teacher and administrator, to seminary, and finally to recently taking the call to ministry, and gain biblical encouragement on what our calling actually is through this conversation.

John took on the role of Senior Pastor at Trinity Presbyterian Church in Harrisburg in 2022. Prior to that, he was the Upper School Dean at Covenant Christian Academy (also in Harrisburg), and also formerly served as a teacher at Veritas Academy after college. His godly perspective gives a glimpse of another facet of the lifelong fruit of classical Christian education, and wisdom for us all as we seek to make God-honoring decisions with our life's work.

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