Standing Firm in the Midst of Persecution and Revolution

Season 3
November 22, 2023

Hear a portion of the riveting story of Luminitza Nichols - Veritas mom, pastor, and author of the book From Pain to Purpose: A Young Woman's Journey From a Communist Prison to an American Pulpit. She talks with Ty Fischer about her experience as a child and young adult in Romania during the Revolution, including her harrowing arrest just before the communist regime fell. Lumi shares not only her story, but also her heart for the Lord and how He sustained her through his word and the Church.

Luminitza’s testimony encourages us in America today to also stand firm in our faith and hide God’s word in our hearts.

Order Luminitza’s book on Amazon here

As mentioned at the end of this episode, we at Veritas would like to gift a copy of Luminitza’s book to the first five people who email us requesting a copy. Please email Veritas Director of Communications Kylee Bowman at to request your copy (first five, first come, first served!).

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