The Beauty of Mathematics: An Immaterial World of Truth

Season 1
September 7, 2022

Math doesn't have to be dry and daunting. In fact, this conversation will help awaken you to how amazing and wonderful it really is! For anyone who ever decried themselves as being poor at math, or any parent working to help a child with their math homework, it's an incredible thing to realize that math is, in fact, profoundly beautiful and exciting when you're guided through it with the right lens.

This episode's guest is Dale Siegenthaler, former longtime Veritas math teacher, who most recently taught at Cairn University and this fall took on a new role as math professor at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. Known for his contagious passion and excitement for math that he famously passed on to students here at Veritas, Dale talks with our host Ty Fischer about what makes math so wonderful and beautiful, how we can think about math in a way that helps all of us appreciate it more, and of course, a little bit about his favorite historical figure, Leonhard Euler.

If you're already a math enthusiast, this podcast will speak to your heart; and, if you count yourself among those who struggled through math and haven't thought about it much since school, this conversation will inspire you to a new appreciation and wonder for this "immaterial world of Truth, created by God that we might explore it to bring him glory."


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